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Uerikua suggests home Covid vaccinations 

2021-11-12  Staff Reporter

Uerikua suggests home Covid vaccinations 
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Rauna Shikomba-Nyorkor


Otjozondjupa regional governor James Uerikua has called on the health ministry to do mobile Covid-19 vaccinations because not everyone has an equal opportunity to approach vaccination centres. 

“The public wants the vaccination (team) to get them at their houses. Therefore, let the vaccination go to the people. Let’s do village to village, and house to house vaccination, because not everyone has an equal opportunity to approach vaccination centres,” he said at the launch of the ‘Get Vaccinated, Kick Covid-19 out of Namibia’ roadshow in his region earlier this week.

According to the governor, the region targets to vaccinate at least 97 000 inhabitants.

 “In order to emerge victorious and achieve our target, we need to coordinate and work together as a team. No one should operate in isolation,” said Uerikua.   

Speaking at the same event, information minister Peya Mushelenga called on Namibians to remain hopeful and optimistic in the fight against Covid-19. 

“We must not lose hope and become discouraged. Covid-19 is there, but if we are united, we shall surely overcome it,” he said. 

Mushelenga stated that for Namibia to overcome the fight against Covid-19, people need to get vaccinated. 

“With vaccination, you boost your immune system and will not get severely ill if you contract the virus. The virus will not keep you down; you will be able to resume your duties as soon as possible and your productivity will be high, unlike unvaccinated people,” he noted. 

The minister further said getting vaccinated will also reduce the workload of the health professionals, giving them a chance to attend to patients with other diseases.

On his part, Otjozondjupa health director Gebhardo Timotheus highlighted a few challenges they have been experiencing, which are shortages of nurses to vaccinate, shortages of drivers, shortages of vehicles and a lack of equipment such as vital sign monitors, laptops and cell phones.

The ‘Get Vaccinated, Kick Covid-19 out of Namibia’ roadshow is currently being rolled out to the rest of Otjozondjupa until 24 November 2021. It aims to sensitise, influence, mobilise, encourage and motivate the residents of the region to get vaccinated in order to kick the Covid-19 pandemic out of Namibia, and for the country to return back to normalcy. 

2021-11-12  Staff Reporter

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