• May 25th, 2019
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Unam hikes tuition fees by six percent for 2019

Albertina Nakale

WINDHOEK - New and existing students at the University of Namibia (Unam) have to brace themselves for a six percent increase in tuition fees for the 2019 academic year.

Unam Director for Communications and Marketing Edwin Tjiramba said the University Council at its meeting held on Tuesday noted the financial predicament the university finds itself in.  
He explained that based on this and the general economic outlook nationwide, council took some decisions, including the increase of the six percent tuition fees for 2019.

He noted the required minimum payable deposit on tuition fees per faculty will be communicated to students in due course. 
Registration fees for 2019 will be N$1 575 compared to the N$1 425 paid this year for Namibians, sadc and non-sadc students, excluding connectivity fee and international student levy.

Equally, he said council approved the hostel fees for all its campuses, which are payable upfront per semester at registration with all categories, breakfast included besides for Health Sciences North and Health Sciences Windhoek.

Namibian and Sadc students accepted in the hostel at the main, Neudam, Ogongo campuses and the Sam Nujoma Marine and Coastal Resources Research Centre are required to pay N$12 860 per student, while non-Sadc students will pay a whopping N$21 360.
Those Namibian and Sadc students who are accepted in the hostel at Hifikepunye Pohamba, Khomasdal, Katima, Rundu and Southern campuses will pay N$9400 compared to non- Sadc ones who will foot N$14 440 for the same accommodation.

Council also approved that those Namibian and Sadc students enrolled for hostel at Jose Eduardo Dos Santos will pay N$15 830, while non- Sadc students will pay N$27 110, whereas locals and SADC ones accepted in the hostel at Health Sciences North will pay N$9000, compared to non- Sadc students who will pay N$32 020.

The fees are relatively higher when compared to this year’s charges for hostel.
For 2018, Namibian and Sadc students in the hostel at Main; Neudamm, Ogongo, José Eduardo Dos Santos and Sam Nujoma campuses (breakfast included) paid N$11 630, while non-SADC paid N$15 230.

Locals and Sadc ones at Hifikepunye Pohamba; Khomasdal; Katima Mulilo; Rundu and Southern campuses (breakfast included) this year paid N$7550, while non- Sadc paid N$11 070 for the same accommodation.
For Health Sciences North (breakfast excluded), locals and Sadc students paid N$8400 for hostel compared to non- Sadc who had to settle an amount of N$16 800, while Namibian and Sadc students at Health Sciences Windhoek (breakfast excluded) paid N$14 400, unlike non- Sadc who paid N$28 800. 

Tjiramba also said Unam council also approved salary increments.
He said following the agreement reached with the unions on 12 November, Unam will implement a once-off payment of five percent on basic salary over seven months to staff inside the bargaining unit.  
According to him, this will be implemented on 15 December 2018. 

He added council further took note that over the years, staff in and outside the bargaining unit received the same increments.  
“However, due to the current economic situation, council directed that for 2018, a once-off amount equivalent to only three percent of basic salary over six months be granted to staff outside the bargaining unit,” he said.

Alvine Kapitako
2018-12-14 09:57:40 5 months ago

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