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Unam introduces Gigonomics course for entrepreneurs

2020-10-07  Paheja Siririka

Unam introduces Gigonomics course for entrepreneurs
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The University of Namibia under its Namibia Business School (NBS) introduced a Gigonomics Course in response to the effects of COVID-19 and the recent, devasting rise of
unemployment to teach entrepreneurs how to run their gigs like a business, whether it’s those who do it as a side hustle or those who make a living from it.

Daisy Silva from Marketing at NBS said their target are those who want to start a business but don’t know where to start. “The recent matriculant/graduate who can’t find a job or the
established employee ready for another stream of income along with their salary,” detailed Silva.
Thirty attendees took part in the course which was introduced in September 2020 by the institution.
Silva said: “Attendees ranged from seasoned employees and established businessmen to high school matriculants and freelancing artists.”
She said they are not just teaching attendees how to calculate profit but are challenging them with CX (customer experience), Design Thinking and Value Chain.

“We are also tackling how to do business in the ‘new normal’. The question each person should ask themselves, (regardless of academic or business background) is “Do I

have enough business knowledge? Is there anything else I can learn/need to make this work?” she hinted.
The course highlights the most important elements needed to run a business. That includes operations, focusing on the processes that produce products or services and get it to market, how to streamline and enhance these processes to gain competitive advantage.
Human Capital is the second fundamental when it comes to any business and that entails processes and systems involved in managing employees and hiring new staff followed by customers and marketers, finance, strategy and finally product/services.
Silva said the course will have six sessions with the final one happening this Saturday virtually and continuation will take place in November, starting from the first session targeting all those vital points highlighted.

“From the Facebook page, participants find the content/webinar not only worth their money
but also worth their while. Before the webinar people didn’t hesitate to engage and advertise
their businesses in the private group, during the webinar they actively engage with the host through the ZOOM Webinar Chat feature, and after that, some spend more time to share their
thoughts,’’ shared Silva.
She said: ‘’ Also, we have had a lot of people praising the timing and pricing we’ve adopted,
busy individuals have spent an hour on a Saturday to sharpen their business skills."

2020-10-07  Paheja Siririka

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