• July 23rd, 2019
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Unam students worry about safety

Selma Ikela Windhoek-University of Namibia students based at the Khomasdal Campus in Windhoek have expressed concerned about safety on and around the campus. Students said they are sometimes targeted by thieves when they go to the nearby mall or when boarding taxis to go home. They said incidents were not isolated to Khomasdal Campus but other students at different campuses have also fallen victim to robberies or attacks. Students expressed the sentiments on Wednesday while attending a court case of their fellow student, Simon Sam Ileni Shoongeleni, last week. Shoongeleni is accused of murdering a teenage boy who became violent after he (Shoongeleni) failed to give him N$ 20. It is alleged that when Shoongeleni said he had no money the teenage boy became angry and started a fight with the student. “The scuffle went all the way up to the entrance gate of the campus as the suspect (Shoongeleni) was returning back to the campus and the deceased was still following him and threatened him with a knife. The deceased’s knife then allegedly fell to the ground and the suspect picked it up and fatally stabbed the deceased twice,” reported the police. One of the students at the campus, Upi Tjaveondja, said safety needs to be given more attention as outsiders come into campus, enter classes and pretend to be students but end up robbing students of their valuables. "Safety is a huge concern, sometimes you can’t distinguish between students and outsiders. Safety is not at an acceptable standard on campus. Security officer don’t have anything to protect themselves or the students, not even pepper spray. They don’t have tasers, we are worried as to how these security guards are supposed to protect us,” remarked Tjaveondja. He stated that the security guard was present when the incident unfolded but could not do anything. Unam Public relations officer, Simon Namesho, told New Era that Unam resources are dedicated to provide the highest level of campus safety as possible “The University also offer advice on personal safety and on how to ensure that their campus accommodation is safe and secure. Students are made aware at all campuses to know the location and have the contact details of the 24-hours duty room saved on their cell phones so as to allow one to immediately report any crime witnessed on our campuses. Besides, all members of the campus community are encouraged to act responsibly, for their own protection and for the protection of others. Safety and security incidences beyond the university parameters, fall within national police bounds. He added that in as much the university want to enforce entrance restriction onto its twelve campus premises, it is also cognizant of the element that the university is a public accessible institution. “Besides, an adept balancing act also needs to be practised between intruding student’s privacy and implementing safety measure”.
New Era Reporter
2018-02-27 09:20:33 1 years ago

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