• May 29th, 2020

UNAM to launch geosciences technology lab

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The //Kharas Innovation Hub which will focus on Geosciences technology transfer lab, start-up entrepreneurship and value chain acceleration in the South of Namibia, will be launched on Wednesday. The geosciences technology transfer lab, start-up entrepreneurship and the value chain accelerator will be the three sub-programmes under the //Kharas Innovation Hub (KIH). Based at the University of Namibia Southern Campus, the Hub will further commensurate national competencies and accelerate enterprise development around key signature value chains in the //Kharas Region such as in agribusiness, logistics and mining supply chain as well as hospitality and tourism. The launch of the Hub will happen at the first International Symposium under the theme: ‘Strategies for a successful Systems of Innovation’ is organised by the Southern Campus and the Namibia Materials Institute Competence Development Project (NAMICOMP). The keynote address will be delivered by Martin Inkumbi, CEO of the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN). “In the context of Namibia, we cannot immediately expect new technology, outside of possible breakthroughs from indigenous knowledge. “This means we need to appropriate technology and deploy it in innovative ways. We can seek to finance products and services that are new to Namibia. We can also expect new and improved marketing methods and forms of organisational efficiency,” said Inkumbi. Southern Campus Assistant Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Erold Naomab, said: “International experts will be sharing best practice on entrepreneurial start-ups, hybrid materials, and science labs. Tailored workshops will transfer skills to local entrepreneurs and scientists alike.” The symposium forms part of a cooperation agreement between the University of Namibia and Leibniz Institute of New Materials (INM) in Germany supported by BMZ-GIZ. Günter Weber, INM Director, said: “We are delighted that this collaborative effort is now gaining pace.” The University of Namibia Southern Campus will host the symposium partners and delegations from the Ministry of Economics, Labour, Energy and Transport of Saarland in Germany, Leibniz Institute for New Materials, the University of Saarland, Botswana Innovation Hub and Southern Africa Innovation Support Page 2 of 2 Programme (SAIS, Finland), Development Bank of Namibia, National Commission on Research Science and Technology and the //Kharas Regional Council.
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2017-11-28 09:21:30 | 2 years ago

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