• July 14th, 2020

Unam Wi-Fi service offline aggrieves students

Many students at the University of Namibia (Unam) have expressed their disappointment towards management for allegedly failing to pay the service provider for the internet connection on campus.
This, the students argue, is despite the fact they have paid their internet connectivity fee of N$500 during registration.

All students (including bursaries and loan holders) should pay a compulsory connectivity fee of N$575 (N$500 + N$75 VAT).
However, the aggrieved students say since last month, they were unable to get any internet connectivity on campus.

“We don’t understand why Unam is failing to pay the internet. We have paid our connectivity fees, but the whole campus does not have Wi-Fi and our student dongles are not loaded with data. We enquired with Telecom, and we were told that Unam did not pay for internet services,” complained a student who preferred anonymity.

Other students complained the lack of internet connectivity is negatively affecting them when it comes to their academic work. They say they are unable to do their assignments, and it causes them to run around looking for internet elsewhere.

Equally, the students said, they are forced to abandon their classes because they have to look for good Samaritans with Wi-Fi connection to enable them to complete some of their assignments.
Contacted for comment, Unam acting director for communication and marketing, John Haufiku said the university’s contract with the previous service provider- Telecom ended last year, and a new service provider should commence soon. 

“The procurement process is, therefore, what has delayed student’s devices. We have apologised for this and are doing everything we can to have a new service provider,” Haufiku said.
Regarding the Wi-Fi disconnection, he explained that wireless internet hardware on campus is currently being upgraded and the process at the main campus is almost complete. Haufiku noted this is why there might be a few places without connection. 

“Our head of IT has given me the highest assurance that complete Wi-Fi coverage should be restored soon. This exercise will be done at all campuses,” he said.

Under normal circumstances, wireless internet access is available throughout the Una campus. Students have been enjoying hotspots located at new and old hostels, the Grub, the student hub, dining hall area and computer centre area and inside the library.
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Albertina Nakale
2020-03-10 08:37:06 | 4 months ago

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