• August 13th, 2020

Uncollected IDs piling at Home Affairs

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security is concerned about the high number of uncollected national documents, such as IDs, at their regional and sub-regional offices. The executive director, Etienne Maritz, said the ministry has 101 957 national documents that are ready for collection.

He said there are 87 016 identities (ID) cards, 11 371 passports and 3 570 citizenship certificates that are piling up at the ministry offices.
Maritz explained those documents were not printed this year alone but they have piled up over the years and the ministry has now cleared the backlog and these important national documents are ready for collection. “I am, therefore, appealing to those who have applied for national documents to collect them at our regional and sub-regional offices countrywide. During collection, the original acknowledgement receipt must be presented if it is available. For the collection of passports, the original ID must be presented. This is important to prevent documents from being collected by people other than the rightful owners,” he explained. He explained, as the public might be aware, ID registration services were suspended because of the high risk of exposure to Covid-19. 

ID registration services involve physical contact between the applicants and official (an official must roll the fingerprints of the applicant on the ink pad). It also involves the removal of a mask to take a photograph of the applicant. 
“We have, in this regard, consulted the Ministry of Health and Social Services to assess the risk level of the processes involved in, and facilities used for, ID registration. The outcome, as anticipated, showed that it would not be safe to resume the ID registration services without various interventions,” he said.

The executive director said home affairs has embarked on the implementation of recommendations made by the ministry of health.  “By the end of this week, we should be able to indicate a definite date for the resumption of ID registration services. It is our intention, however, to pilot the issuances of IDs in Khomas region first, after which it will continue to be rolled out across the other 13 regions,” he said.
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Loide Jason
2020-07-30 09:52:35 | 13 days ago

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