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Uncommon sense - The universe is on your side

2021-04-01  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - The universe is on your side

How many times has one become overwhelmed with so much worry and anxiety? How many times has one had sleepless nights because of how some situation may turn out or if they fail? It is no doubt that if it were by a raise of a hand that everyone in any room would put their hand up. The same people would also attest to the fact that although they have had to endure all these emotional tortures, most of their worries never came to pass.

All that is a clear indication that no matter the worries, somewhere in the invisible realms, things are always working out in one’s favour. No matter how many prophets of doom there may be and no matter what a bleak picture they may paint, the universe is always working for you. No matter how some forces may try to make one believe that the world is heading to worse, or humanity is reaching its self-imposed extinction, the universe in its time always proves otherwise. As much as this assurance is true, it should also be understood that it works in mysterious ways. It may even be that even situations that may seem as adverse are meant to create the right mental, psychological, and spiritual climates, which will eventually pave way for a desired outcome. It may even happen that these events, from a human perspective, may be bad and not easy to bear. But eventually when it all comes together, one may realize that it was all meant for one’s goodness.

Now, when talking about goodness from a limited human perspective one may easily be naturally inclined to think that it is about our wishes and dreams are to be granted. However, the favour the universe may bring may even be greater and beyond anything, we could imagine.

For example, as one is sitting here today, there are people that one will meet one day who may take their life in a whole new direction. But as we speak, one has no idea or even a thought about that happening. One may even assume or believe that they are happy and content with where they are right now. However, this will change as soon as the universe’s invisible workings have finally revealed themselves in, for example, meeting that one person by accident and the events thereof. It is therefore also important to note that, unlike us, the universe is not selfish. It does not only work in favour of one individual alone but for the good of all.

It is therefore this knowledge and awareness that can serve as our armour. That every time one is overwhelmed and encountered with fear and anxiety that one must remember that the universe is here to work with, and not against them. It is the assurance that if one puts in the work and the time towards becoming the best version of themselves and with authenticity, the universe shall meet them halfway.

When necessary, the universe may intervene and halt the wishes and inspirations that may not be in alignment with nature’s purpose. In this instance, it is also possible that the universe may interrupt such plans to redirect one to the path of their true purpose.

Therefore, this knowledge and awareness require vigilance. It requires one to tune into their true nature enough to tap into their natural communication abilities of intuition and instincts. These abilities will go a long way to help one make naturally informed decisions about their daily life and eventually a harmonized life experience.

By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2021-04-01  Karlos Naimwhaka

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