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Uncommon sense - Ease of access to information – a generational blessing

2021-12-03  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - Ease of access to information – a generational blessing
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In the current world of gloom and doom, it is hard to even think of the possibility of a better world. We are constantly bombarded with the ills of the world. All news is about corruption, rising fuel prices, and possible economic depression. We have somehow placed our existential world view in the hands of the western media.

This is highly the case because we have “appointed” the corporate media as the only “begotten saviour” who will save us from being uninformed. As much as we convince ourselves that we have embraced technology, there still seems to be a blind side. It is clearly just the same as we have accepted Christianity and the bible, yet we only pick the verses that are befitting our “reality”.

It is also interesting how we are a fortunate generation to have access to information. With ease of access and availability of information, we could then consume as we wish with discernment and come to informed conclusions. Yet, we are not taking advantage of this opportunity and robbing ourselves of an opportunity to shift to our next level of consciousness and repeating our old mistakes.

In this era and all its advantages of access to information, it is jaw-dropping to hear conversations and arguments that only depict our ignorance. 

Sometimes, instead of taking keen interest in opinions of others and do further due diligence, we tend to be in self-defence. This happens even when the evidence that points to the others’ opinion is in plain sight. 

With this situation at hand, in retrospect, there should be more questions than answers. It should be a concern even of anyone who is greatly interested in the mental emancipation of humankind. The one concern that should first bother us all is self-reliance. When it comes to self-reliance, we are only concerned with it when it comes to questions of survival and sustainability. Hardly do we ever speak of self-reliance when it comes to information. Just as we strive for access to other aspects of life, the same weight and attention should also be given to information reliance using the availability of multiple sources. 

We should be free to information exposure with discernment, natural intuition, and the opportunity as well as freedom to ask questions when we have doubts.

This is no way in disregard of the credible experts and scientists, as they have greatly contributed to great causes. However, one must admit that history has also documented the human imperfections in this aspect and therefore, nothing should be taken for granted. Let there be liberty on access to information for every individual to make informed decisions and using the existing platforms for guidance and advice. This is even more important in the agenda-driven world whose main and primary objective is profit before everything. 


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka


2021-12-03  Karlos Naimwhaka

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