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Uncommon Sense - Seek, and you shall find

2021-08-20  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon Sense - Seek, and you shall find

Those who know, know that – whether biblical or not – whatever one seeks they shall find. It is quite simple but not so simple as how one may understand what simple means. When talking about seeking, one may think it means literally embarking on a search to find something.

However, to the source just a thought of anything is already a search. It is in such a way that the more one continues to dwell and magnify a particular thought, the high its chances of manifesting.

To the source, any thought is a wish. It does not discriminate to weigh in on whether the thought is about an undesired or desired outcome. To it, a thought is a seed. Therefore, to it, a thought is like a prayer.

One more aspect that makes seeking simple but powerful, is the significance of emotions. Whatever it is that one thinks, their level of emotions involved determines the recency of its manifestation.

One other thing is also certain – just as a thought, words are just as equally potent. Those who are in the know about this strange secret, which is not a secret anyway, like to kindly advise that one should not say bad words about themselves or others – not even jokingly. This is for the fact that the source is indifferent to whether one is joking or not. It is like soil, and to it, thoughts and words are seeds. The source is so fertile though, so much that once sowed, all seeds shall germinate and bring forth their harvest.

A partner who starts to think or suspects their partner is “cheating”, will eventually find “evidence” and “clues” to reaffirm their thought even when it is not the case. Equally, the other one who envisions a favourable relationship finds it. One whose perspective on life is built on scarcity shall always lack, and one whose perspective is abundance shall thrive in it.

Two men may be given the same amount of money, but their lives and circumstances will be different. One, whose perspective is that of abundance, may multiply it or spend it on something worthwhile and rejoice, but the other may squander it and live in despair. One who constantly strives for good health finds it, and equally, one who constantly lives in fear of sickness and disease, gets his wish. Just as a man who sleeps on a bed of lies and deceit as a foundation of his life eventually reaps its produce, he who seeks the truth may find it, although he may eventually realise it has always been in plain sight.

It is with this awareness man must realise the fact that as much as it seems his fate lies with the unseen, that may only be 5%, and 95% squarely depends on him. It is for this reason that he has a great responsibility to guard not only his body, but more importantly his mind; that he may not only find strong men to guard his body but, even more, the awareness to guard his mind; to know and understand that in him/herself man is complete; that if he recognises and stands in his natural power, only he may realise that he is the maker of his life.

This awareness not only brings forth a sense of freedom, it should also then put one at ease for they know they have been bestowed with an ever open and loving realm. All one must do is to be aware of, recognise and surrender to it; that he may be still and know that whatever he/she seeks, not only physically but also with his thoughts and words, he shall find.


By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-08-20  Karlos Naimwhaka

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