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Uncommon sense - The gift of tolerance

2021-10-01  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - The gift of tolerance
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There is a general tendency that once we attain a certain level of accomplishment, we set it as the standard for everyone else. In our minds, it becomes the model to which every other being should aspire. 

In our inner world, it becomes the universal subscription to all others, and anyone who has not fallen in line with our ideas is less worthy.

This tendency is clear in almost every area of our social, religious, and political spheres. 

It has been so deep that families, friendships and even businesses are divided and fail because of affiliations to certain factions. 

We have seen it going as far as causing physical harm and injury to others, if not loss of life. 

All these happen for the simple fact that people have different opinions, ideas and preferences.

The lack of tolerance or its absence can cause turmoil, confusion and hatred. 

Although the opposite of its absence is what one would assume to be the aspiration of all beings, even the most advanced nations still struggle to overcome this challenge. Intolerance has become one of the stumbling blocks towards peace, love and happiness. It has become the disruptor of harmony in every home, community and nation.

It is the lack of tolerance that sees neighbours and relatives not talking to each other although they may live in proximity or under one roof. 

It is the lack of tolerance that makes people with different political differences indulge in serious character assassinations. 

Propagating the hate for another becomes the agenda, instead of focusing on policy changes that could have a direct benefit and impact on the livelihood of the populace. Just as its absence is a curse, tolerance practised at its highest level can be a great gift. It brings nations together because it is not that it ignores the differences but appreciates them. 

It appreciates diversity and integration. It sees beauty in every difference and makes us aspire to understand and have a little bit of everything.  

The gift of tolerance can have enormous benefits in all spheres. With tolerance, discrimination and stigma dissipate. 

It makes us realise that in our differences, we are all unique expressions of one consciousness. 

It will make it visible that since we are all an expression of one source, we are one. It is from that premise that we should treat one another. That every harm to the other is harmful to us. 

To keep it in the back of our minds and always observe that every thought of prejudice and judgement comes from a bad place within us so that we work on investigating and find the strength to overcome such darkness for the greatest benefit of all mankind.

Today, we are all invited to take the time to evaluate our levels of tolerance, to see how much of this natural gift we can use to bring healing to the human spirit – the spirit that has been troubled and traumatised, so that tolerance becomes one of the best tools in our armour for peace and love in our hearts, homes, communities and nations.



Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-10-01  Karlos Naimwhaka

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