• July 6th, 2020

unWrap - Black Vulcanite’s Dr Mushiva invents Hip Hop power glove

Selma Shiwaya

Creative and technology inventor Dr Mark Mushiva has developed a Hip-Hop power glove that can be used by artists to create sound, a total game-changer. The glove can be used by DJs to control music while playing and can also be used as a game controller or for visuals at a show. 

Explaining how it works, Mark says once the instrument is worn, it creates different kinds of sounds as it works together with companion software that the PhD holder in computer science wrote.
“This instrument does not trigger samples; it uses math to create the sound and it allows you to create any sound in nature,” explained Mushiva.

During his presentation on Black Vulcanite and its strong associations with Afrofuturism and technology at the recently-ended Ned Bank Design Indaba Simulcast, Dr Mushiva narrates that his struggles as a rapper prompted him to design the glove.

“I primarily designed it to help me orchestrate my performances so that I may not necessarily need a DJ to trigger samples or to control visuals for me. We make the most popular music in the world but do not play any instrument. Therefore, I wanted to create something that rappers could use because we use our hands a lot,” he said.

For the hopes he has for the Namibian music industry, Mark says he is looking forward to working with some Namibian creatives, mainly DJs and lyricists, to fine-tune the glove in a format that is easy to use.

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2020-03-03 07:26:26 | 4 months ago

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