• November 27th, 2020

unWrap - D-Naff Entertainment promises exciting content

June Shimuoshili

The last quarter of the year 2020 promises to be exciting for D-Naff Entertainment enthusiasts as the label announces projects to be released.
As of this month, the label that houses four artists including D-Naff, Lady May Africa, Lady Dyna and Christmas will be dropping content that, according to the management, is to look out for. 

Artist Lady Dyna who recently returned from London is expected to drop a music video that was shot and produced abroad. Lady Dyna who also returned to the label after a year of working on her own will be releasing fresh content under the label. 
Lady May Africa has also renewed her second term contract under D-Naff Entertainment. According to D-Naff, Lady May Africa’s album still needs to do its rounds before she can release new magic. 
“Once it has run its course, she will be back with more and new music,” said D-Naff. Lady May is currently working on The Search TV programme and will carry that alongside marketing her album. 

Shambo artist Christmas is expected to release his album that will be accompanied by many visuals this year. 
D-Naff’s infused house gospel track featuring award-nominated rapper Lioness and Zikii is also in the pipeline. Produced by Arafat, the song will be released as a single with visuals too. 
“This will be our own Jerusalem song. It will be our December song. We are praising God differently. Lioness opens up in ways I didn’t know she could on a gospel song and it’s amazing if I should say so myself. We had fun creating this jam,” he said. 

Nam Gospel Music that also falls under the management will be releasing a new single. The group of gospel singers will also be looking for new artists to join the dynamic team regardless of race and tribe. 

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2020-10-20 07:55:07 | 1 months ago

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