• September 26th, 2020

unWrap - Dj Castro finds love

Josephine Mbangula 

It all began at the first Kasi Vibe festival when Dj Castro asked to take a picture with Sendry Wimmert and the rest, as they say, is history.
Castro Ngoimue well known as Dj Castro who is not afraid to show off his woman to the world says that even if they are loved by many on social media, some constantly wish for a breakup.

 “ If I don’t post her or she doesn’t post me, people assume that we have broken up,” said Castro.
The two have now decided to only post pictures on social media that have content.
The couple that also have tattoos of each other’s names are determined to be together forever.
“ The fact that I love him and I know that we will be together forever pushed me to have his name on me,” Sendry added.
 Dj Castro also said that he loves Sendry because she brings out the man in him and the fact that they all have the same goals pushed him to do the same.

Just like any other couples, the two also have challenges being in the limelight not everyone is happy that they are together. They made it clear that they do not believe in negativity and the love-hate situation keeps them going. “We are not dating for the nation,” Dj Castro said. “ We want to be together no matter what and whoever is against it has to deal with it at the end of the day,” Sendry said.
The future seems promising for the two in terms of their relationship and business. “We will see what the future holds, but it’s definitely greater things,” Sendry assured. As for the wedding and babies, Dj Castro said only he knows when because they still have a lot they want to achieve first.

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