• July 16th, 2020

unWrap - Top Cheri hits a purple patch

June Shimuoshili

If you are a firm believer in shining bright like a diamond the Namibian way, there seems to be only one diamond shining the brightest.
Just like her name Top Cheri just, don’t seem to know when to stop shining.
Many might say this is because of ‘connections’ but, alas, sometimes it is just about one being a go-getter and that is what Top Cheri is this year.

 In less than two months, the bubbly superstar is working harder and smarter, something that we have lacked in the industry for a while. 

The singer who finished off last year on a bang with touching visuals on her song Calling Heaven has in less than a week dropped visuals off with features with from Lioness and Skrypt who is also one of the few nominees for the first Rock Star Awards. To add a cherry on top of her cake, she is part of the line up for the biggest music concerts for the year thus far. Unwrap.online caught up with Top Cheri to share her work and success tips and she says it’s all about self-discipline and being mindful of one’s brand. She also says her motivation is her goals. 

“I’m motivated by my goals. People around me say that my dreams are far fetched and unrealistic and that is what drives me, I need to show them that my dreams are valid. I want every little girl out there to know that they can achieve anything they put their minds on,” she said.

Apart from dropping great solo projects, Top Cheri is easily one of the most featured artists in the game at the moment on which she points out that a united industry is one that achieves greatness together.
“It’s positive energy. We need to work together and that is how we can expose each other to our different audiences,” she says.

Might you be scared off dimming your light by collaborating with your fellows? Top Cheri who says her favourite collaborations are with D’Kanjafa and Waka says she is never one to shy away from working with other creatives because of the impact it has on the whole industry. 
“We learn from each other and in that way we are all able to go forward. We have different audiences and if we can expose each other to that, we would go far,” she concluded. Photo: Instagram 


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2020-02-11 07:20:14 | 5 months ago

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