• November 13th, 2019

Upcoming artist Kaboy Kamakili might be the next big thing

 Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – Leonard Makili, known as Kaboy Kamakili, set the country on fire when videos of him singing went viral on all social platforms and there are predictions that he is likely to be the next big thing in the country’s musical scene.

In recent weeks, there has been curiosity on who Kaboy Kamakili is, subsequent to the instant rise to fame of the 21-year-old boy, who became famous in less than a week.

Entertainment Now! this week sat with the energetic Kaboy Kamakili, who is seemingly struggling to digest the attention he has attracted in “a blink of the eye”. 

Music flows in his veins, insisted Kaboy Kamakili. Although he had no ambitions of making music a gig, he started singing at the tender age of five, he shared. 

Born and raised in Oshigambo in the north, Kaboy Kamakili said he started doing music in 2011 when he was still in primary school but because of lack of resources and exposure, he has just been doing it for people in his home town of Ondangwa. 

But, a few weeks ago, he said he was approached by a close friend who advised him to record a video of himself singing and it was posted on all social media platforms. That is how people, including musicians, noticed his talent leading to his video going viral. 

“Just when my video was posted, I started receiving calls from people from across the country, complementing my work and some were already asking me to feature in their songs,” he said.  
He says he is still nervous because he is being approached by household names, such as DJ Kboz, who are willing to help him build his music career.

“Kaboy is registered under On Fleek music group and we are currently working on his new single, which will be out this month together with a music video and it will be on iTunes and Spotify. We are so happy to work with him and he is doing great so far,” said Kaboy Kamakili’s manager, Albert Jona. 

“Local artistes who are willing to sponsor me include PDK and they have offered to feature in one of my songs, DJ Kboz will be my producer, Pinehas Shikulo from Ama Daz floor crew and many,” an ecstatic Kaboy Kamakili revealed, adding that he will be working with DJ Kboz on his upcoming album, which might be released towards the end of August. 

Kaboy Kamakili said before he became popular, he used to be a backup dancer for artistes such Mushe, D Kandjafa, and Satlam.

“I am quite nervous that this is just the beginning and I have not yet recorded any mastered song yet but a lot of artistes already want me to feature them. I am excited about it and I appreciate it but I feel like I am still not ready,” he further commented.

He also complained that a lot of artistes are in the habit of taking advantage of upcoming talent and some would invite him to perform at certain shows but they would not pay him as they agreed because they think “he is not good enough”, he shared of past experiences.

“I did not even master a song but I am already being compared to award-winning musicians such as King Tee Dee and Exit, who have been in the music industry for so long. It’s not good because these are the types of people I look up to and I am just starting,” he remarked.  
Kaboy Kamakili said he was honoured to perform at the recently ended Kasi Vibe Festival where he received tremendous support.


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