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Vaccine uptake improves in Okongo

2021-12-03  Festus Hamalwa

Vaccine uptake improves in Okongo
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Okongo constituency councillor Efraim Shipindo says vaccine uptake has improved, although residents are still coming in at snail’s pace.

During an interview with New Era this week, Shipindo expressed his joy at the progress the campaign is making, which is helping people to minimise the risk of getting the virus.

He stressed that his office has been working hard to promote the vaccine campaign, and encouraged residents to adhere to Covid-19 regulations as well.  

“In the Okongo constituency, we have vaccinated 24% of the residents, which includes elderly people and the youth,” he said. 

The constituency holds 19 000 inhabitants.

Shipindo observed that his office has been working together with the Ohangwena health directorate to ensure that people understand the importance of the vaccine, and to also prepare them for the fourth wave of Covid-19 with all the health tips.

“I have also been working with the village headmen to educate and inform the residents about the vaccine as well as to provide sufficient venues for vaccination,” he noted.

Many headmen are still demanding that the programme executors visit their areas as some of the residents did not get a chance to get vaccinated, and it’s evident that the information regarding the dangers of Covid-19 isn’t fully grasped. 

Shipindo thus urged the ministry of health to increase the number of frontline staff in Okongo to reach people in remote villages, especially those close to the Angolan border.

“Covid-19 has affected every citizen, and to soften the damage caused by it, the Okongo constituency decided to run vaccination campaigns until the end of December to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be vaccinated,” he said.

2021-12-03  Festus Hamalwa

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