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Vandalism blamed for water shortage

2020-12-09  Loide Jason

Vandalism blamed for water shortage
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Water problems experienced in the Groot Aub area were mainly due to vandalism, the City of Windhoek said yesterday.
The city’s water project manager for Groot Aub, James Kalundu, expressed concern about the spate of vandalism to water infrastructure in the area, saying it was affecting the supply of water in some parts of the settlement. 

Kalundu told New Era yesterday afternoon the city had drilled about six boreholes at the cost of N$15 million and only three of them were functioning, as others have been vandalised. “Our people must learn to appreciate free services. Imagine, the city has provided free water and drilled boreholes but people still vandalise the properties that will be repaired at the cost of the city without any community financial involvement,” said Kalundu.
Kalundu explained the team is hard at work to ensure the three boreholes are repaired so that the supply of water to the affected areas continue uninterrupted. 

A community leader, Shikomba Shikomba, explained eight areas in Groot Aub have been without water for two months, a situation, he said, that has forced some residents to vandalise boreholes while trying to access water. 
He further stated there is low water pressure within the area that are far from the reservoirs; as a result, some people are left with no water or rather walk the long distance to go fetch water.

However, Kalundu dismissed the allegations, saying the residents are taking advantage of government that provides free services, which they do not seemingly appreciate.
The newly elected councillor of Windhoek Rural constituency Piet Adams confirmed the areas have been without water for sometime and he has consulted the relevant authority to treat it as a matter of urgency.

“I am well aware of the water woes in Groot Aub. I have tasked my team to arrange a meeting with the CEO’s office to discuss the water issue as a very urgent matter. Hopefully, we might get audience during the week,” he said.
The councillor clarified that Groot Aub has been taken over in 2017 from City of Windhoek Municipality; therefore, the provision of services according to the local authority act rest with them – but as Regional Council and Local authorities, there a  need to engage each other to find a lasting solution. -

2020-12-09  Loide Jason

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