• April 22nd, 2019
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Vaughn Ahrens fast tracks music career with impressive album


Donna Collins One might be tempted to call solo musician Vaughn Ahrens the ‘new kid’ on the block, simply because of his boy-next-door appeal. But at 19-years-old Ahrens is one serious musician who is making waves as a rising star on the horizon. Coastal born singer and songwriter Ahrens has just settled into Windhoek after releasing his first music album in December, and plans to springboard his music career even higher, after taking off to a flying start. Already he’s no stranger to the live music scene, having performed many gigs around the country last year, and this year looks like he’s all fired up to keep the momentum going with new music and a bigger fan base. Chatting to the New Era this week, the soft-spoken musician said his career noticeably “took off”, after he released his first single track ‘In the Clear’ last year. He said the song peaked to number 5 on radio’s top 40 hits, plus had an overwhelming response to his songs on i-Tunes. “The immense support I have been receiving for my music, not only on YouTube, but also with radio play and at live shows - is the reason I soldier on,” said Ahrens who recorded his five track album last year at Groove Studios in Windhoek, which is an impressively mature and polished representation of what to expect from this young musician. Referring to his music as “alternative folk,” his voice has a soothing rock and crooner influence, which he combines with a good balance of edge and melodic appeal. Ahrens brings it from the heart, and his lyrics are deep, searching and intriguing, which adds to his authentic appeal. Musically he is a talent, and his ability to master different instruments, such as guitar, Ukulele, foot percussion and looping, which he combines at his live gigs, certainly gives his solo performances a fuller sound. His song ‘Martyr’ is currently drawing a lot of attention, and is accompanied by a dramatic video shot by ‘Page Ten Productions’ in Windhoek. The video and song is about challenging the status quo and not fitting into the mould of society, with just the right ingredients to make it big in the world. “I plan to go back into studio soon to start recording my first full length album which will be ten completely new songs and plan to have it released for my 21st birthday in February next year,” he added excitedly. With a wide spectrum of musical inspirations rolled into one, from Ed Sheerin to Eminem, Ahrens says the trick is to integrate these different influences to a point where it flows into what he creates as an original sound. “I am still enjoying the pub circuit where I play a host of cover songs and originals, but it’s not what is keeping me alive right now, and this year I plan to concentrate on playing more corporate bookings, private functions such as weddings and other social gatherings,” he says. Ahrens grew up in Walvis Bay, and started performing when he was 15, at mostly restaurants and private events. It was only once he turned 18 that he was eligible to play the public circuit such as the bar scene, mostly accompanied by his father who doubled up as his “roadie” and support with setting up the sound equipment. Meanwhile, Ahrens is settling into the pace of Windhoek, where he is going to be collaborating with a host of other musicians, having already featured rap artists during one of his recording sessions and he says he is itching to get back on stage.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-26 10:38:54 1 years ago

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