• September 24th, 2020

Venaani promises to cancel water debts


ONGWEDIVA - DTA president McHenry Venaani has promised to write off water debts for rural communities if the DTA gets voted into power. Addressing a rally at Ongwediva on Saturday, Venaani said thousands of Namibians in rural areas are sitting without water as their water connections were cut off for non-payment. Venaani criticised Swapo for bailing out companies like Air Namibia, yet turn a blind eye to the millions of dollars owed by the country’s needy on water, “which is a basic need”. “People are struggling to raise their children, people are struggling to put food on the table, yet N$600 million went missing from GIPF and no one is sitting in prison for that. But the people are imprisoned by water debts,” stated Venaani. “When I take over this government, I will write off all the debts owed to the Directorate of Rural Water Supply and to NamWater by the rural communities,” said Venaani. Venaani promised to boost animal farming and irrigation in the country, which in return would create employment. According to him, Namibia is a dry country faced by water scarcity as a result, yet a lot of water is left to waste whenever there are floods in the country. “Efundja is very painful. The government fails to preserve water that comes with efundja, yet we are a country without water. In my administration, we are going to build massive underground dams for the purpose of irrigation. “Efundja can turn northern Namibia into a massive millionaire area with job creation. We will put up underground water reservoirs within five years” he said. Venaani further said his party plans to turn northern based farmers into “instant millionaires” by ensuring beef from the northern areas is also sold and marketed on the global market. “We are going to put up a buffer zone between Namibia and Angola within 100 days of my administration and we are going to call on the EU [European Union] to come and clear Namibia of foot-and-mouth disease as soon as we are done,” said Venaani.
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2014-11-11 07:56:42 | 5 years ago

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