• April 6th, 2020

Venaani promises to reform healthcare

Victoria Kaapanda

OSHIKANGO - The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) vows it will improve healthcare and guarantee medicine in clinics and hospitals once elected into power.

Party president McHenry Venaani made this call when addressing party members and supporters during a rally held in Oshikango on Sunday.  
Venaani told his followers he will devise new policies to make Namibia great again when he takes over government.

“PDM will create a new health policy, ending the era of 
Paracetamol (Panado) in hospitals and clinics. Patients will no longer stay eight hours in queues unattended. Under our party, no medicines will be bought under the tendering system, but private suppliers will be engaged directly,” assured Venaani.

He promised to create jobs for youth and the elderly, and to make quality education available for every child in Namibia. He further promised to tackle the issue of corruption. 
The party leader promised to introduce a programme of in-service training for the unemployed to afford the requirement of experience. 

He said the number of unemployed youth is high because  they are required to have 10-years’ experience to obtain a job. 

“Where will a fresh graduate get that experience from?” he probed.
The politician also informed supporters that PDM will introduce a resettlement policy that will afford every Namibian access to land – in the process reducing housing prices. Under his government, he added, every homeless Namibian will have a plot. 

He declaimed he will not promise what he will not be able to deliver or fulfil. 
Venaani directed his followers that if he fails to do what he promises when elected into power, they should not vote him in the next elections.
Venaani further revealed he will only have a cabinet of 15 ministers and four deputy ministers.

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