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Venaani tears into ruling party campaign slogan

2020-11-02  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Venaani tears into ruling party campaign slogan
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Popular Democratic Movement leader McHenry Venaani has slammed the ruling party ‘We Have Heard You’ slogan, claiming the motto was for Swapo leaders, not for common people. 
“The ruling party Swapo is saying ‘We Have Heard You’… Yes, you have heard us that you were stealing money in this country but what are you going to do with the money if you are not returning the money?” Venaani said during a rally at the UN Plaza in Katutura on Saturday, where he was accompanied by PDM’s candidate for Katutura East constituency Rodman Katjaimo. 

“They have heard us that we don’t have homes, toilets – that our lives are miserable but what have they done in the last 30 years, apart from telling us they have heard us? Yes, we have also heard that you admit that you a corrupt, that you are thieves but what have you done and why should we trust you after hearing that you have heard us,” he added. 
He said his party will not be making campaign promises they cannot honour. 

“We shall ensure that every informal settlement dweller over the age of 21, who falls into a lower LSM category (receiving less than N$4 500 per month) must qualify for a small plot to set up a decent and adequate home structure,” he said.  He moreover said his party will develop massive low-cost social housing structures in every major town across the country to ease the burden of rentals and allow young professionals to own houses at a young age. 

Venaani further said his party will also bring to end the unreliable water and electricity readings, which he said is currently being estimated, ripping off residents in the process. 
“We are the party that wants to change the face of Katutura; we are going to re-paint poor people’s homes. We will inspire hope in Katutura,” he said.

2020-11-02  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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