• August 15th, 2020

Veterans assured of payment for projects

Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya-The office of Veteran Affairs has reaffirmed its commitment to continue paying off Individual Veterans Projects (IVPs) despite delays experienced in some instances, which were attributed to lack of financial resources. Nearly 20 000 IVPs have been approved but purchase orders have not been signed off pending availability of funds. The process normally takes close to two month for verification and approval before it can be finalised. “The veterans should not panic that we have cheated them, we cannot do that. Rather you should exercise patience while we work on the matter. But this depends on the amount of funds availed then that when we approve from the list and the process follows once the funds are available” said Aina Shiyukifeni, the director of planning and development at Veteran Affairs, when responding to queries from some veterans during a consultative meeting held with service providers in Omuthiya. The meeting was meant to create as workable relationship between Veterans Affairs and service providers/suppliers, as well presenting the procurement system on how long it takes for a supplier’s payment to be made. Furthermore, to clarify issues regarding some suppliers who do not want to issue/release the order products to the intended beneficiary (veteran) before the payment is made. “Once the veteran has received the purchase order, which is taken to the supplier, they are eligible to receive the product pending payment being made to the supplier, provided the beneficiary, supplier and Veteran Affair officials have both signed and confirmed the product,” explained Shiyukifeni, adding that payment will normally be done within seven working days. In the same vein, she urged veterans to use the list of suppliers, which is obtainable at Veterans Affairs offices, however she told them that they should use the list at their own discretion, adding that they have the responsibility to use any supplier according to their aspirations and the products they need. Shiyukifeni said this with reference to cases whereby some suppliers who do not know or understand how the system works have been refusing to release products before they are not paid. Some of the issues, which were being ironed out, were instances where goods or services were being paid for and not delivered; delivery of substandard items, as well veterans and suppliers not complying with the procedures and rules.
New Era Reporter
2017-10-31 09:20:48 | 2 years ago

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