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Village goes without water for eight months

2021-11-02  Nuusita Ashipala

Village goes without water for eight months
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Nuusita Ashipala

Residents of Onakasati in the Tsandi constituency of the Omusati region have not seen a single drop of water from their taps for the last eight months.

Residents charge that they last had tap water in February. “Since March until now, our taps are dry. We have taken our problem to every concerned office, but we did not receive help,” said an angry community member who does not wish to be identified.

Since their taps dried up in March, villagers had resorted to drawing water from nearby earth dams, but they too have dried up.

\The earth dams are approximately 1km away.

They said because the clinics had run out of purification solutions, they were forced to use ash to purify their water.

Since the earth dams dried up, both residents and livestock travel between four-five kilometres to access water at the closest earth dams.

The farmers are complaining that their livestock have become lean as a result.

Those who had started backyard gardens are back to square one as their crops have completely wilted.

The community further claims that through consultation with the relevant office, they have been informed that there is no pressure to take water to their taps but up to now nothing has been done to increase the pressure.

Tsandi constituency councillor Junias Amunkete said he is aware of the water crisis in his constituency.

He said in addition to households, it affects four schools and at least one clinic.

He said the regional council ferries water to the affected areas with trucks.

“At Okatseidhi clinic, they have water one day, the next they do not have water,” Amunkete said.

His own village has been without water for at least three weeks, he said.

Amunkete said he is yet to be briefed where the problem emanates from.

“What we have observed is that there is usually water during the rainy season, but during summer we barely have water, but we do not know where the problem is,” said Amunkete.

2021-11-02  Nuusita Ashipala

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