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Vintage Market promoting local businesses

2021-06-04  Paheja Siririka

Vintage Market promoting local businesses
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The first edition of Vintage Market Namibia pulled crowds from all corners of the city.

The three-day event took place at the NUST Hotel School last weekend, and various vintage items were on sale, including clothing, shoes, jewellery, cars, appliances and home décor.

“The turnout was slow but it picked up and people started flocking in. We did extensive marketing on activities that need to take place; the exhibitors were getting their coins [making money],” said co-founder of the event, Ulla Tshikesho.

She said they decided on the NUST Hotel School because in these times of Covid-19, the tourism industry is hugely affected and this event pulled tourists who are fond of vintage pieces, so that the school can make an income somehow.

Zip, an exhibitor, said most of his things were bought and he is happy about the market. 

“Our vintage musical instruments sold well. I love the market,” said Zip, whose items included an East Indian company replica canon, 70s toaster and other collector’s items.

 Opotuli Kaute, who sells men’s vintage blazers, coats and hats, said there is an interest in vintage stuff and the market is a great place to sell that.

“We sell vintage items and this is an amazing opportunity. In the markets, there are usually items for women but now there is men’s stuff. It’s winter and the items are befitting for such weather,” said Kaute.

Organisers hinted the market will be hosted twice a year, and the next one is slated for October this year at a different venue. One of the founders of the event, Josefina Oskar said the market aims to create a platform to bring small businesses together that want to sell common merchandise which is vintage and antique stuff.

 “We want to showcase that 70s and 80s type of look and feel. We set ourselves apart from that we are not the average exhibition show, it has a specific target and is vintage related. It’s an intergenerational event where everyone, the young and old can come together. They can come and understand the stories of where certain items come from and how long it took and how valuable they are,” said Oskar.

 She added the market has also created a platform for the older generation to attend and reflect on how things used to be back then.

 Standard Bank was the official sponsor of the market.

2021-06-04  Paheja Siririka

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