• April 6th, 2020

Visual Art shines at Creamer’s

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- With the closure of the Warehouse Theatre, The Project Room in Collaboration with Namibian Arts Association hosted visual artists at Creamer’s to promote their work in a street style live exhibition called Art In Action.

What stood out to Entertainment Now! was that visual artists were caught in the moment, busy making their pieces from the start. “The aim was to create space for visual artists,” said one of the organisers, Frieda LÜhl.
“Visual and performing artists have little or no exposure and that is why we created this space for them,” LÜhl told Entertainment Now!

She was impressed not only with the work which was on display, but also the interest of those who were passing by. “People who were walking along Independence Avenue came and bought some pieces. Some tourists were intrigued with what was happening and they came to buy as well,” she said.

“It was an important step in the right direction and not only was the aim for people to buy the pieces but we wanted to create that connection between the artists, public and art lovers in general,” explained Luhl further mentioning that the response was great.

This was the first time the collaborators are working on such a project. “How often can one hosts exhibitions, it can’t happen all the time so these types of initiatives are needed,” wondered and stated LÜhl.
Sponsored by National Arts Council of Namibia, Art in Action won’t be a once-off event. “It’s a work in progress, we will see how we can approach this next time, but we are thinking of at least hosting it once or twice a year, ” LÜhl said.

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