• July 23rd, 2019
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Walvis salt refinery invests N$90 million

Front Page News
Front Page News

Eveline de Klerk WALVIS BAY - Walvis Bay Salt Refiners has invested N$90 million in a new salt wash plant that will see the company increase productivity as well as the quality of product. Construction of the plant started in June already and the completion date is set for October 2019. The new salt wash plant is part of the company’s expansion project aimed at transforming to become a major global player in terms of producing pure sea salt. The current wash plant is about 30 years old with an output of 900 tonnes of salt per annum if operated at full capacity, however the plant has been experiencing challenges hence the need for a new plant. Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony, managing director of the company, Andre Snyman, said the plant is currently also only capable of processing about 80 percent of the salt field volume. Walvis Bay Salt Refiners currently produces in excess of 750 tonnes of high quality salt per annum. According to Snyman, the new plant will not only increase the volume of the plant to 1.1 million tonnes per annum but will also enhance product quality. The new plant will furthermore significantly cut down on overtime for the company. “The need for a new wash plant is deemed fit for our business that continues to expand in line with the increasing demand for our product,” he said. The new plant will offer a range of other benefits including a reduction in washing losses and lower moisture levels. “In general international markets require moisture content to be lower than 3 percent. The new plant will have the capacity and ability to ensure Walvis Bay Salt Refiners meets this and other stringent international quality standards.” He added that the current plant only runs on a single wash line, while the new plant will have two, which can be used independently if one has to go on maintenance.
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2018-07-05 09:06:42 1 years ago

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