• July 9th, 2020

Water crisis hits Donkerbos school 

Julia Kamarenga

Teachers at Donkerbos Primary School in the Omaheke region have decried the water shortages being experienced at the school, saying their health and that of learners is compromised. 
The teachers, who spoke under anonymity out of fear of being victimised, said the situation is not new but has been going on for years now.

The school is supplied with water by a community borehole, which, sometimes, does not pump enough water to cater for all. 
The teachers, however, indicated that the regional office of education provides them with a vehicle that fills up the 30 000-litre tanks available at the school once every term.

Staff members are only given 25 litres of water per day, which should be managed for all household needs, including bathing and toilet use. 

The teachers also mentioned that since the water is never enough for consumption, in the quest of trying to save until the next fill, the bathing and laundry by learners is limited to perhaps once a week or only twice when the odour becomes unbearable. 

Another teacher narrated that, sometimes, the vehicle from the head office does not come on time and the tanks run dry, forcing learners to fetch water in 20-litre containers from the community borehole, which is located several kilometres from the school. 

The teachers are urging the head office not to wait for a submission from the school but should have a fixed schedule and stick to it to ensure there are no delays. 
Approached for comment, education inspector Cornelius Tjizoo admitted there is indeed a challenge of water at Donkerbos.

He, however, said the ministry of education, together with the Omaheke Regional Council, is working hard to address the issue.

Tjizoo also said they are currently busy with pipeline construction to supply water from the community borehole directly to the school.
He further urged the school management to submit their requests well on time to enable his office to plan, as it is not the only school being assisted with water in the region.

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