• April 9th, 2020

Water saving: Windhoek nearly exceeds target 

WINDHOEK - Despite Windhoek residents achieving a water-saving target of 14 percent last week, the city has implored consumers to show unprecedented levels of cooperation in the coming months. The latest achievement was mainly attributed to the summer holidays as many residents had travelled outside the city. 
The city expects consumers to at least save 15 percent of their water consumption weekly as Windhoek still faces a critical water shortage. 

According to the weekly water watch report, Windhoek is in a water scarce region, with uncertainty over the weather pattern. Water saving tips include not leaving the tap running while brushing teeth, flushing the toilet only when really needed to, and taking short stop-and-start showers. 

“Good water management provides for the ability to budget for water. Remember, the more you save, the less you pay,” the city stated in a brief statement.  

In addition, dam levels remain a grave concern if the latest NamWater weekly dam bulletin is anything to go by. All the three dams that supply Windhoek and neighbouring towns have a combined water level of 18.4 percent. Swakkoppoort dam is at 5.3 percent of capacity, Von Bach 39.8 percent, while Omatako is at 14.0 percent. Figures for the same time last year indicate that the three dams were at 35.0 percent of capacity.

Selma Ikela
2020-01-09 07:06:33 | 2 months ago

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