• September 28th, 2020

 We all need one another

The notion that some people are more important or valuable than others is probably the most delusional thing man ever coined. It is delusional because it is mostly attached to something outside the self and it puts it in such a position that the loss of what one is attached to renders them worthless. It is carefully constructed and packaged in such a fashionable way that makes it seem believable and real.
It goes to the same things previously alluded to on this platform. It takes us back to the most unbelievable reality that most of the concepts carried on today and invested in are the same ones that were heavily propagated. They have been propagated so well that they were accepted well enough to become sources of self-trickery.  

Anyways, for once, it is time to stop beating around the “George-bush”. 
The issue at hand here is that we, humans, have made material and social status as the main measure of self-worth. The world has deceived itself into a superficial reality of imaginary permanence and self-importance. It is so deep that it goes as far as making one oblivious to the basic similarities that outweigh self-created differences. There are just so many imaginary or mental barriers that are now paramount than the basic similarities of nature’s creation.
An in-depth involuntary meditation and introspection may eventually lead to a realisation that all human beings breathe the same air, share emotions and fears, have blood flowing through their veins and will all eventually die. This, alone, should be the most common denominator and the reason why there should be more love in the world than hate. These should be the most common aspects and reasons for there to be love than the things that will make human beings hate, kill and destroy one another for the sake of individual glory.

On top of that, since we are one and the same, it is also obvious that we all need one another. We can deceive ourselves into a pool of self-importance, idolatry and status symbols but the fact is even those who are despised, their existence counts beyond our imagination. 
For example, the person at the top of the ladder, as much as he/she may feel powerful, may easily meet his demise in the absence of the one at the bottom.
It also happens that even one who may have invested so much in symbols of certain social standing, in the times of weakness, may find himself at the mercy of the lowly perceived. 

This is more evident in situations of sadness, death and sickness where one’s only wish is to get better without any regard of the character or social status of the one who can save them. 
It may also go as far as that the man who is lowly regarded in the community may be the very important person to be relied on for digging the last resting place of the deceased king.

In short, we all need one another. It may be now, today, tomorrow or this year but there comes a time when every man gets his time to make a change, a contribution and a difference when the time and hour is right. It may also be that one may seem as worthless today but since no one knows what the future holds, the tables may turn in the blink of an eye. 
With this understanding, the need for one another should then be a reminder of why we should be considerate and help humanity revert to the ancient premise of treating others as one would love to be treated. 

By Karlos The Great
E-mail: karlsimbumusic@gmail.com
OSHIMWENYO is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

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