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We are one with everything

2020-11-20  Staff Reporter

We are one with everything
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In times of darkness and despair, only a few men and women can be light and hope. In times of anger and revenge, only a few can be calm and forgiving. It is unfortunate, but it is the world we have become. It is harder for any man or woman to wish the best and fortune for the other but easier to wish misfortune and bad luck.

The world has reached a point of disregard and disrespect for another just for the gain of power or just a little more fortune. The spirit of togetherness has become an imprint on a piece of paper but not in the hearts of most. It is easier to judge, shame and embarrass one another than to praise and appreciate. 

The word love has become minimized only to the idea of romance and satisfying fleshy desires. Thanks to the Greeks for trying to explain the unexplainable but swallowing their pride to the fact that not everything is meant to be scrutinized or understood. That is because in the process of doing that one can easily miss out on the beauty of the unfolding mystery of life.

It is easier for a man or woman to fall into the trap of group thinking and lose the gift of wonder. It is easier to believe and limit oneself than indulge in nature’s immense gift of imagination. Instead, men and women have created self-imposed mental prisons in the form of beliefs and mythical assumptions. With these, the intellect has become the enemy of natural intelligence – the intelligence which is infinite and immeasurable.

Instead of focusing on the ever-present wonder of nature, man lives the rest of life trying to measure the immeasurable while avoiding every chance of measuring the measurable. He/she tries to study or understand creation without studying or understanding himself first. This is because all the study is done with a disconnect from something inseparable. No wonder man continues to destroy the earth and everything in search of precious gems and minerals. Because he has no knowledge that he is part of everything and, in ignorance and oblivion, he eventually destroys himself.

What kind of a world is it that man has the intellect to make machines and gadgets for his comfort but in the process loses the intelligence that connects him/her to everything? What if this that we call life is just an experiment for the extra-terrestrials and they are just busy looking down at how their subjects self-destruct?

It takes not only courage but also a very serious realization that intellect gets in the way of intelligence. This is because intellect is a human construct meant to install an operating system into a human computer for behavioural control. Intelligence on the other hand is what makes every living thing. It is the one that makes the eyes blink simultaneously and forms the clouds in the sky and makes them disappear.

Only when we realize the difference between intellect and intelligence then we can also finally realize that everything is connected. We need the trees just as much as they need us or water. That for every plant or tree we cut down, we have cut down a part of us. For every other person we have mistreated, we have mistreated ourselves. For if we understood the laws of nature, then we would also respect the law of reciprocity – that we sow what we reap. Love others as you love yourself and treat others as you would love to be treated. 

By Karlos TheGreat
OSHIMWENYO is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2020-11-20  Staff Reporter

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