• April 25th, 2019
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We do not deserve the Kavango River

The water crisis in Rundu has gone beyond the tolerance level of the people living in the surrounding areas of the town. For the past few days all the mal-administration roads led to the town council of Rundu, specifically the department of water affairs and environmental health. It is now crystal clear that people who eat at the same tables with the kings do not care about the peasants who take them to the tables. It should be known to the nation that Rundu Town Council has failed us, the people living in Rundu, and it is not a secret as any resident can now attest to this. Bad talk in the country has now become our trademark. Just recently Honorable Sylvia spoke of the cleanliness around the town to be deteriorating. As if this was not enough to awaken the council members sleeping in the offices, they went on to cause more trouble by stopping the water flow in and around the town. Namibia as an extension should note that as we are holding hands in fighting hepatitis E and cholera, the council of Rundu on the other side is busy working against us by adding fuel to the fire. The council has forced local residents to get water from the river and what happens to our health they do not care. Rundu Town Council is making it a habit of either disconnecting power or cutting off water frequently and this the residents of Rundu can no longer tolerate. Your Excellency President Dr Hage Geingob, please with all the powers invested in you, come look into our situation urgently, please. Our cries are in vain. We are thus calling upon all responsible authorities outside the council of Rundu to come to our rescue. Our ancestors did not fight for this and wherever they are they should be praying that God destroys Rundu in the same way he destroyed Sodom and Gomorah. We do not put you in offices to eat on our behalf. We put you in those offices because of Eldorado that you promised to us. It is your constitutional right to leave the air-conditioners in your offices if you can no longer stand for the people that put you there. We did not gain independence to come and drink water directly from the river and neither did we gain independence to come live in the darkness. We the youth of Rundu are very smart and we wouldn’t mind investing the knowledge that we get from universities in the other regions of Namibia if you, our leaders, refuse to cooperate with the masses of people that you claim to fight for. * Haikera Hendrick 21-year old education student at the University of Namibia haikerahendrick@gmail.com
New Era Reporter
2018-02-16 10:45:10 1 years ago

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