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Where are they now? Luvy at 40

2021-05-21  Strauss Lunyangwe

Where are they now? Luvy at 40
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There is a saying that ‘life begins at 40’, and Mpho ‘Luvy’ Monyai, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday, fully agrees.  Luvy told VIBEZ! she now appreciates life differently from when she was in her 20s and 30s, and believes she has come full circle with all the training and testing the school of life has to offer.  “I am now at a stage where I want to give back by helping the next person and generation through my life’s journey,” she explained. 

 Luvy started her music journey in 2011 with an album entitled ‘Grateful’, with which she took part in the Nama awards that year, and had three music videos on air. Before her own singing career, she managed Lash Attraction Studio with then husband Elvo Diergaardt.  She noted that the music industry is not as easy as one might think, especially if one does not have stability or self-discipline. “I made the choice to step out and go into the corporate industry for stability. I took the time to work on myself and figure out how I can use my talent and story to revamp myself.”  Today, she is using her own trauma caused by childhood sexual assault to advocate for and build awareness on dealing with such suffering through her Hear Our Cry Foundation, which offers peer support and mentorship.  But music has and will always be a part of her; it is her love language. “Music is a universal language that we use to express and become creative; where we touch people through instruments or language.”  For Luvy, Lash Attraction Studio winning a Nama award and being recognised for their hard work in the industry was proof that they were on the right track. 

However, things many artists lack, she said, is discipline and counselling.  “Artists need to know how to handle fame and money. This may be one of the most important aspects of most of our downfall. We needed guidelines as to handle fans, how to promote our music and how to invest, how to seek endorsements etc. “The music industry has two aspects - the business side and the creative side - and yes, as artists, we do not have the skills on how to manage all but we have the ability to learn. Our mistakes and wins within the music industry should be a catalyst for any upcoming artist as an advantage to learn.” Luvy said she also learned that everyone should have a vision and plans, and as one grows and learns from mistakes, one should add on or change such plans till one finds their path.  

“But any plan needs funding, right? So, we scale down the blueprint and start with what we have. For example, if you are good at dancing, work on your skill and perfect it.






2021-05-21  Strauss Lunyangwe

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