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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Music is in my veins - Ras Lando

2021-06-11  Strauss Lunyangwe

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Music is in my veins - Ras Lando
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Strauss Lunyangwe

Even after more than 40 years in the music business, guitarist and vocalist Ras Lando, real name Simon Muundjoas, still fine-tunes his skills every day.

VIBEZ! caught up with the Shemyetu band member to find out how he is coping amidst the hardships the pandemic brought forth. 

“You know, since the pandemic hit us, we are limited to perform or entertain around. So, it’s better for me to stay calm and keep on practising and fine-tuning my music and new techniques. Yes, man!” he said.

In 2019, Ras Lando (56), who plays a mixture of African Jazz and Reggae, was awarded the Legend Award by the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre for the role he has played in keeping Reggae music alive as a solo artist and as a group member. 

“I’ve been in this game of making music and teaching others for more than 40 years. I’ve been performing and playing music with many different artists, you know. As a musician, I never boxed myself in – as long as one practises and plays.”

The Reggae star has two albums under his name – ‘Jah is love’ and ‘I’ll find a way’. A third one is planned for this year. 

“You know music is in my veins and my soul. I really would love to give all that I have for the love of music. You know, so many people like music but for me, I love it.”

He further advised artists to keep their heads up as the world faces this crisis.

“I would like to advise my fellow artists to stay focused and never stop until they have pulled the right string. Musicians are open-minded people, and I do believe that every one of us has read between the lines the rules and teachings of Covid-19 – so be careful.”

He feels proud to have come this far in the music business and what he has achieved so far, with the help of many. 

“For the level, I have reached, the progress I have seen in many I was with through this journey, I would like to say thanks and praises to the most high – JAH RASTAFARI,” he ended.



2021-06-11  Strauss Lunyangwe

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