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Where are they now? Shotgun back with The Power of a Hustler

2020-12-11  Aletta Shikololo

Where are they now? Shotgun back with The Power of a Hustler
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When your favourite songs from back in the day come on, you can’t help but sing along but have you ever wondered where some of these hitmakers are?

As its always our culture, Entertainment Now! spoke to one of the music stars, Shotgun who has been on a music hiatus for some time and is now back.

Talking about his new album ‘The Power of a Hustler’ Shotgun said; “ I am back with a new sound and this is the album one can’t ignore. It’s all about my personal life, my personal hustling but mostly to mentor my generation not to only focus on 8-5 jobs but to make sure business is the way to success,” he said.
According to the self-proclaimed hustler, one can make a living with only a salary, but to become a billionaire they should hustle.

What we have been missing
While on a hiatus, Shotgun has been into the beverage business
 “We have just released a Rusthof wine that comes in natural sweet red and dry red and it’s the best,” he told Entertainment Now!
Rusthof wine is produced in South Africa and its currently dominating the wine market.
 “This December, we will be busy with both the wine and album activation countrywide,” he said.

What’s next?
When asked what is on the radar in terms of music, the versatile singer said he is busy shooting more music videos and looking forward to working with international musicians.
 “ I am more like wine, no expiry date but mature as I grow,” he said.
With six albums under his belt, Shotgun described his new sound as diverse and relatable.
 “ There is definitely a difference between my previous work and current projects. If you want to dance just put on your dancing shoes already, and if you just want to listen, clean your ears and lock your doors or roll up your car window for a good message,” he laughed.
The ‘Champion’ hitmaker urged his fans to stay tuned for more music and great projects coming up.

2020-12-11  Aletta Shikololo

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