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'Why Steal My Children's Pennies?'

2005-12-05  Staff Report 2

'Why Steal My Children's Pennies?'
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Re: Response to a report regarding allegations of fraud and forgery against myself. I was not given an opportunity to tell my story. Now, the side of my story is as follows: I am not a trustee and was never appointed by anybody as a trustee for a certain group of minors to administer their money. Nobody in this country or elsewhere has given me such a letter appointing me as a trustee. There is no group of minors existing to which I have responsibility to distribute money amongst them. The truth is that I am a legal guardian of my biological children who were born during the subsistence of our marriage with my late deceased lawful wife, the late Justine David Nghiishililwa, who died in 1998 at Oshakati State Hospital. These children are Tuliameni Nghiishililwa, age 15 and Maria Ngiishililwa, age 14. The estate number at the Master of the High Court is 610/98, and the file number of Tuliameni Nghiishililwa is 0000004566 and that of Maria is 0000004567. Tuliameni and Maria are the beneficiaries of their mother's pension. It is not public money, not like AVID or ODC - taxpayers' money. So, they have decided to arrest me and decided not to arrest those who are involved in stealing taxpayers' money. Do you call that justice?? Around 2004 until now, Tuliameni, my daughter, received treatment from Dr Joggie Briedenhann: Telephone number: 231 197, who put the cost of such treatment at approximately N$25 571.10 My medical aid paid the bill. I contributed approximately N$500,00 every month to my medical aid fund. My medical aid scheme number is 514/896424391 SAPPHIRE. Any one can verify these facts. After my medical aid paid Dr Joggie, I put in a claim to be reimbursed by the Master of the High Court from Tuliameni's fund. I was never given N$25 571.10 by the Master. The Master has the discretion to approve or disapprove a claim, or ask for a refund in a case if a wrong payment was made. Why should she run to the police to have me arrested? If the Master has detected false receipts submitted to her, why not ask for an explanation, why running to the police? I am not aware of any false receipts and I am not aware of any law prohibiting the submission of claims to the Master where one's medical aid paid the bill of medical treatment. So, I have done nothing wrong, and I am prepared to defend myself at all costs. In fact, I learned that the money now available for Tuliameni is less than ten thousand dollars. It is an insult to me to defraud my own children's fund, who will actually inherit me. My two daughters and myself are able to live a decent life without the fund at the Master's office. I have full-time employment, I am running my own company doing consultations, I am a part-time farmer and have fixed properties. Why should I steel pennies from my own children's fund??? That's bull!!!!!! I rest my case. Fritz Nghiishililwa
2005-12-05  Staff Report 2

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