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Widows gain control of fishing firm

2021-10-05  Eveline de Klerk

Widows gain control of fishing firm
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WALVIS BAY - The Fishermen Widows Trust, which owns a 40% stake in Ehika Fishing, is now in full control of the trust after partners Rojo van Wyk and Eddie van Wyk stepped down.

The parties have been in a lengthy battle for years over the running of the trust, which was initially steered by the Van Wyks.

The widows complained about the lack of transparency, consultation, representation and that they were often in the dark about the affairs of Ehika despite being the majority shareholders.

This caused a total breakdown in the relationship to the detriment of the about 80 widows of Walvis Bay who belong to the trust, affecting the monthly stipends they had been receiving from the company.

However, the parties, after the intervention of an independent mediator appointed by the current fisheries minister Derek Klazen managed to set their differences aside.  

“The Van Wyks have stepped down. This development allowed the trust to appoint their own board that will be looking after their interest going forward. However, the Van Wyks are still willing to assist them in any way,” Klazen told journalists last week.

Klazen said that he is relieved the parties could found a common ground to continue working towards a common goal that would be beneficial for all.

According to Rojo, the main idea was to establish a trust for the benefit of the widows and other charitable organisations.

“We initially applied for the quota for the benefit of the Narraville community as nothing had been done for them. The vision was also to get business activities going in Narraville that is why we constructed the cold storage,” Rojo explained.

He, however, said the dispute was more fuelled by emotions, as some information was not conveyed correctly to both parties.

“Nonetheless, Ehika is more than willing to forget the past and we are willing to support them going forward. We have resigned and gave full ownership and management to the beneficiaries,” he said.

Ehika Fishing is involved in a fishing rights joint venture with Mack Fishing, while Rojo van Wyk holds 30% shareholding, Eddie van Wyk 15% and Collin Johannes 15%. 

The new board members of the trust are Paul Fisher, who was elected as chairperson, Leoni Warne as vice chairperson, Vanessa Nash as secretary and Lizette Williams as treasurer 


2021-10-05  Eveline de Klerk

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