• July 5th, 2020

Win big with ML’s new music video,  Ndota

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Maria Lisa known as ML has taken the love she has for her supporters to a whole new level by including them in her project. The songstress is encouraging music lovers to take part in a competition that will see many of them come together to create a masterpiece for her latest song titled ‘Ndota’.

“The competition aims to challenge dancers by making creative dance videos to Ndota for a prize of N$2 000,” said ML. Since the release of the song’s video, ML has been noticing people dancing and singing to the song and sending it to her on Social Media. “So, I thought I spice it up and reward N$2 000 to the best dancer,” she said.

The reward is sufficient and aims to attract the best targeting university and high school learners. “It’s also an opportunity I want to see how creative they can get. This way I am also promoting the song and since it is my birthday month, I am feeling a little generous so more things are coming,” disclosed ML.

ML who spoke through Versatile Media said the there is no limitation to the length of the dance videos, so potential creatives can be as artistic as possible. “The due date is 15th October, and the winner will be announced on social media,” she revealed.

She said Ndota is an arithmetic game played in the village back in the days. “I hope kids are still playing it out there. You need good skills to play Ndota,” mentioned ML. She said the song narrates that one need to horn their skills to the best player in life. “It cautions children to expect tough situations to grow and become great,” said ML.

ML revealed that she also sings about how she urges Bonang to hear her music. “That’s the level of exposure I want to strive for in my career right now. When Bonang has access to my music that would be a personal big deal for me,” she believed.

On why specifically Bonang, ML she is a force to be reckoned with. “Why her, well, she’s currently one of the smartest hardworking entrepreneurs on the continent,” she explained.

She earlier released an album on March, 21st, 2019 titled Independence’s Day. The single is a foretaste of ML’s upcoming album which is yet to be released as no dates have been disclosed yet.

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