• July 9th, 2020

Windhoek Country Club Resort opens new Puku bar and restaurant

WINDHOEK - The Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino (WCCR) has announced the opening of the new Puku bar and restaurant at the pool area of the resort. 

Stefan Kotze, Food and Beverage Manager at WCCR, explained that the name of the restaurant and bar has been derived from the Puku animal, a medium-sized antelope found in the wet grasslands of northern Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nearly one-third of all Puku are found in protected areas, zoos and national parks due to their diminishing habitat. “We chose this name as it is one of Namibia’s lesser known endangered species and we hope that this will raise awareness amongst Namibians. It is also a fun name and easy to remember,” said Kotze. 

The restaurant and bar have been revamped and WCCR is excited about the décor and special touches, as this venue has been enhanced by Namibians, who supplied the furniture as well as the handmade pottery such as the ceramic plates, tablecloths, cushions and wall decor. 

“In these harsh economic times we at WCCR were looking for new and exciting revenue streams and opening Puku to the public has ensured that we can spoil our Namibians, while at the same time generating an extra income for the hotel. We also wanted to support fellow Namibians in these tough times with this venture and therefore contracted Namibian companies only for the various items needed,” Kotze continued.   

“We look forward to welcoming you at Puku…We are open to the public and our family-friendly restaurant and bar will enchant you with a great food menu, ranging from sosaties to Bratwurst, plankie steaks, kapana steaks and chicken wings at affordable prices. The drinks menu also offers a great variety and includes beer, wines, soft drinks, cocktails, milkshakes and more – all at affordable prices,” said Kotze. 

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