• April 4th, 2020

Windhoek residents warned of overflowing rivers

Following a week of torrential rainfall, the City Police has cautioned residents and motorists to refrain from crossing riverbeds overflowing with water. City Police spokesperson Fabian Amukwelele also cautioned people from putting up illegal structures, especially in riverbeds. “Refrain from crossing rivers where there is overflow of water either on foot or driving.  They (people) should not underestimate the intensity or water levels. They should wait for the water to come down or use alternative roads,” cautioned Amukwelele.

Windhoek and the surrounding areas have received good rainfall over the past days. High water levels have also been reported in many other parts of the country that have received persistent rain. According to Amukwelele, if there is a situation whereby someone is trapped in a river, people should not risk their lives by attempting to assist but rather call emergency services to come to the rescue of the trapped individual. For motorists, Amukwelele further advised them to rectify car components that are malfunction like wipers, brakes and tyres that might endanger them while driving on wet roads. He also advised motorists to switch on their headlights when driving in the rain.

Staff Reporter
2020-02-21 11:47:19 | 1 months ago

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