• February 17th, 2020

Windhoek to impose water restrictions

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WINDHOEK - Car washes, hotels, lodges, and other large water consumers are expected to implement water saving measurements as the city faces water scarcity due to drought.
Carwashes will be strictly monitored and only certified commercial carwashes are allowed. These carwashes are to use 30 litres of water per vehicle. City of Windhoek spokesperson Lydia Amutenya told New Era that laundry restriction for hotels and lodges should be reduced in order to save water. 
Amutenya said like in the previous drought, these facilities were asked to monitor how many times they did their laundry.
 “They should maybe wait until they have enough load to do laundry, she indicated while adding that large water consumers such as the brewery, Coca-Cola and Meatco need to re-enforce measurements they had in place because the situation is not conducive in terms of water supply,” she said. 
Amongst the restrictions, barbers and hairdressers are to save water, for construction, the best practice is to optimize semi-purified water usage and commercial water reuse is encouraged amongst others. Residential pools are to be covered and no filling with potable water.  
No fountains are allowed and water features shall not be operated.
At City of Windhoek press conference on Monday, Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise said the City has no choice but to increase demand management action by moving from the current category C which is water scarcity to a category D - severe water scarcity (drought). Kahimise said the water restriction will come in effect as from July 01. The City will impose 15 percent water saving measures.
“Water consumers in Windhoek are urged to continue with the responsibility of increased saving with concerted efforts applied during the previous drought. In this regard, residents are requested to manage their consumption within the applicable restriction to achieve and maintain the water consumption savings target relating to a category D scenario, which is at least 15 percent.
Kahimise said the City of Windhoek will continue to release weekly updates on the saving achieved in relation to this goal, as well as any other pertinent information to keep the public informed about the water management programs.
The CEO stated that all water consumed more than the target consumption of 465 000 cubic meters per week needs to be produced from the Windhoek aquifer (boreholes). He said all possible saving achieved will thus also be offset against the supply from the Windhoek aquifer which would then further preserve the aquifer.
“It should be noted with caution that Windhoek aquifer cannot be exploited indefinitely and thus consumption should therefore strictly be managed to remain within the quota. Residents should also be informed that high consumption charges will remain in place until the water supply situation has improved,” stated Kahimise.

Staff Reporter
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