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Wine of the Week - Braai Pinotage

2022-08-12  Staff Reporter

Wine of the Week - Braai Pinotage

    Petrus Vatilifa


If you are from the southern part of Africa, you will not need anyone to explain to you what the word ‘braai’ means. 

The love of meat in this part of the continent is unparalleled – and a braai, also known as a barbecue, is held almost every other weekend. 

A party is never complete unless there is a nearby braai stand with lit firewood.

It was interesting to see it on a bottle of wine. 

The names of most bottles of wine are subtle and sophisticated. 

Very romantic bottles, one would say. 

Braai Pinotage comes next. 

You must be visiting these parts of Africa if this name does not resonate with your soul. It is eye-catching, piques your interest, and makes you want to try it.

Braai Pinotage was discovered at a local wine tasting and immediately stood out. 

After a while, wine tasting can confuse the taste buds, and only the first few wines are given the credit they deserve. 

The last wines in the line get anything, but never the exact ratings. 

Nonetheless, some wines simply know how to rise to the top regardless of their starting position. 

One of these wines is Braai Pinotage, a wine that can resurrect your taste buds. 

It has a distinct flavour and aroma that distinguishes it from other grapes.

This Pinotage, a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault, is made from South Africa’s only native grape. 

Close inspection reveals a medium purple colour.

 Aromas of blackberry, blueberry and leather are prominent on the nose. 

Another feature that you should not overlook is the smoky flavour, which is an essential component of any braai. 

It is fairly smooth and fruity on the palate. 

It has a medium body and well-balanced tannins and acidity.

This wine goes well with meat cooked over an open flame, which is the traditional way of braaiing. 

Do not forget to bring this wine the next time you have a barbecue to make your braai session memorable. 

It also goes well with spicy biltong and grilled lamb chops.

Have fun responsibly!

2022-08-12  Staff Reporter

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