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Wine of The Week - Try refreshing Claudea Chenin Blanc

2022-05-06  Staff Reporter

Wine of The Week - Try refreshing Claudea Chenin Blanc
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Petrus Vatilifa


One of the common sights among folks who consume wine is looking at a wine glass with a frown shortly after taking a sip. 

When this happens, either the wine is horrible or it tastes way better than expected. 

The taste buds may tell you immediately if the wine is sweet or dry, but it is the after-taste that rounds up everything in telling how good the wine is. 

The wine of this week will make you read the bottle after the first sip, because it is that good.

The Windhoek Wine Club has located another great wine that you should try out, Claudea Chenin Blanc. 

As the name points out, this is a white wine.

The main difference between a white wine and a red wine lies in the production process. 

When making white wine, though mostly with white grapes, the skins and the seeds of the grape are removed before pressing for fermentation, hence a lighter colour, whilst with the red wine, the grape is crushed with its skin and seed, giving it a bolder and darker colour.

Claudea Chenin Blanc is proudly a Namibian cultivar, produced by the Tsumeb Winery. 

On the palate it is dry, yet light on the tongue, crispy and fruity. 

It gives off an aroma of gooseberries with a bit of sharpness with hints of apple fruit and chamomile. 

It is refreshing on the nose indeed.

It has medium to high acidity. 

Claudea Chenin Blanc can pair well with most dishes. 

There is rumour in the streets that white wine should be consumed only when you have a platter of seafood in front of you. 

While the statement points out a fact that white wine pairs well with seafood, it however restricts other dishes that complement the sweet and sour taste of the Chenin Blanc.  

In addition to seafood, it can also pair well with veal, grilled chicken, pork chops and turkey. 

It is deservingly well priced for its quality.

Make sure to include it in your shopping list and invite a few close ones to enjoy it with you. 

*Petrus Vatilifa is a member of the Windhoek Wine Club

2022-05-06  Staff Reporter

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