• July 18th, 2019
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Woman lives in hell after snakes bite her twice

Front Page News
Front Page News

Nuusita Ashipala Oshakati-After being bitten twice by snakes, Elizabeth Nghiwewelekwa’s life has become a living nightmare as she is in the process of having her left arm and leg amputated and is gradually losing her sight. Although, the 36-year-old Nghiwewelekwa’s body is slowly changing colour and turning black she remains hopeful for a miracle. Almost 50 percent of her body has turned black and at first glance one would think she is dressed in black garments. But the worst she says is the pain, which she says feels like her body has been set on fire. “No painkiller or injection relieves my pain anymore. This is hell on earth,” said Nghiwewelekwa Narrating her ordeal, Nghiwewelekwa said a snake first bit her at her work office, and the second time at her home at Oipapakane in the Ohangwena Region. She said her life changed after she felt a sudden electronic shock to her arm and heart which in turn turned out to be a snake bite. Nghiwewelekwa said in 2016 she was bitten by a black snake at work while picking papers from the floor. At the time, the mother of four was employed as a casual worker at Wilico, a recycling company based at Omafo. Trying to contain her tears, she said her supervisor, whom she only identified as Lukas, disputed there was a snake in the office. “He said I was bitten by a mouse and ordered the employees to drop me at the hospital gate and return to continue with their work,” narrated Nghiwewelekwa. “When I returned to work when I was first discharged from the hospital, Mr Lukas only responded to my fourth greeting and fled the office premises shortly thereafter,” she continued. Since the first attack, her former employer never made contact with her despite submitting a doctor’s certificate that she had been admitted as a result of a snake bite. The owner of the company who only identified himself as William said he was not aware of the case and its details but confirmed to New Era that Nghiwewelekwa was employed as a casual worker. He asked that questions be referred to his foreman on site, but he failed to provide the contact details of his foreman as agreed. A year after on September 1, 2017, Nghiwewelekwa stepped on a snake which bit her on the left leg. As a result, she had part of her leg amputated last December. Doctors are considering extending the cut on the leg further. Since 2016, Nghiwewelekwa has been in and out of hospital hence was forced to divide her children amongst friends and family. She appeals to Good Samaritans to help in finding better medical help so she can return home to her children. “I would appreciate any help, but in my situation I will also need a wheelchair because I cannot walk without assistance,” said Nghiwewelekwa. Shedding light on the matter, medical doctor Ruben Kanime said the blackness signifies severe swelling which leads to nerve and blood vessel damage. He maintained that snake bites are curable.
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2018-01-31 09:08:17 1 years ago

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