• May 26th, 2020

Women Expo organisers urge corporates to come on board

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – The Namibian Women’s Expo founder and host Frieda Nambwadja is calling upon corporate companies to support or partner up for the event that is scheduled for July 5 to 7 this year.

The event, which will be themed “Real queens fix each other’s crowns” is designed specifically for adult women by providing an array of products, services and topics for discussion all under one roof. 

Talking to New Era, Nambwadja said that the event will give meaning to women in business, with the goals of growing their business and taking advantage of new products and services.

“This event will be happening twice a year, our first Expo took place in July 2017, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare took part and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism took part under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with their score project and other SME companies,” Nambwadja explained after sadly revealing that last year, the expo did not take place due to lack of sponsors.

She mentioned that despite lack of funds, she managed to save up money for this event to take place this year. Nambwadja commented that the expo is a unique event aimed at women to come together, learn and experience what is on offer.
She added: “Whether they are in the start-up phase or a long-established company, the Namibia Women’s Expo has the right resources for them and we are making it our mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their business dreams by showcasing their products, resources and talents.”

Nambwandja encouraged women to start lifting each other up and build one another. She added, “Strong women are those that build each other instead of tearing each other apart.”

Nambwadja is also calling upon Namibian men and women to support the event which will take place at Eros Primary School sports field. She concluded, “We will try to make it bigger because right now we have over 150 applicants.” 

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