• September 22nd, 2020

Women’s shelters get N$900 000 from De Beers

The De Beers group has donated N$900 000 to women’s shelters in Namibia to alleviate the pressure in response to the increased gender-based violence resulting from Covid-19.
The group last week stated it will provide $200 000 that will be split between women’s shelters in South Africa, Botswana and Canada , their host countries.

The donation will be split equally between the four countries that roughly translates to N$900 000 each. This  further adds to the contributions the De Beers Group has already  made to Namibia that is N$50 million so far.
Bruce Cleaver, CEO, of De Beers Group said lockdown and social distancing measures introduced around the world exacerbate the risk of gender-based violence,.

“There has been a global increase in cases reported, including in the countries in which De Beers Group operates.  With some gender-based violence support services currently closed, and those that remain open under increasing demand, De Beers Group’s funding will support the capacity of women’s shelters and organisations in host communities to meet the increase in immediate needs, as well as beyond lockdown periods,” he said.

He said the De Beers Group is working with local stakeholders in each country, including its long-term partner, UN Women, to tailor an approach appropriate to local contexts. 

“Many women and children are also being exposed to a significantly increased risk of gender-based violence. De Beers Group has a longstanding commitment to support women and girls in the communities where we operate, and right now, many need this support more than ever,” Cleaver further stated.

He explained the funding they provide will assist women’s support organisations to continue delivering critical services to survivors of gender-based violence during the current situation, and help protect them in the future. 

Eveline de Klerk
2020-05-07 10:12:28 | 4 months ago

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