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Word on the block by the Namibian Police - Safety tips for the festive season

2020-12-02  Staff Reporter

Word on the block by the Namibian Police - Safety tips for the festive season

Statistics have shown that during holidays, such as the coming festive season, there is a high or significant increase in property crimes. Criminals take advantage of breaking in and use the opportunity to rob and steal from the unsuspecting public.
As people sometimes leave their homes or property unattended, thieves and housebreakers take advantage of the situation. 
The Namibian Police Force hereby again cautions our communities to ensure their safety and that of their properties are not in peril. 
Here are few tips to be mindful of in our day-to-day life and as we embark toward preparations for festive season holidays:

To avoid housebreakings: 

Know your neighbours and build a trusted relationship with them so that you would be in the position to support each other.
Install security gates or barriers at your outside doors and keep them locked at all times.
Make provision for adequate outside lighting, but always remember to switch them off in the mornings, because outdoor lights that are on during the day draw the attention of the thieves.
Never leave your garage door open when you are away since criminals will be able to notice that there is no car in the garage.

Never leave your house keys in the post box, under the front door carpet or in a pot plant.
Thick bushes near a window can offer a hiding place to a burglar, so clear the bushes closer to your house. 
Keep your dogs visible, because they are a deterrent.

Always emphasise the need for security with your domestic worker and ensure that he/she is well versed in your security measures. Importantly, if your domestic worker leaves your employ, make sure that you change locks and alarm codes. 
Never employ domestic workers or gardeners off the street without checking references or obtaining identity numbers.
Sliding glass doors can offer easy access if they are not adequately secured.  
Never leave smaller valuable items such as jewellery, watches, portable radios, clothing, cameras or purses on an inside ledge or within an arm’s length of an open window. Not even if you have burglar-bars.

If you intend to go away this festive, take note of these simple steps:

Don’t publicise your holiday plans.
Inform your nearest police station;
Inform your neighbours.  
Make sure someone empties your dustbins;
Lock your garage door with a strong lock.
Inform a friend or relative to feed your dogs, wet your plants, cut your lawn and perhaps park a car in your driveway.

The Namibian Police Force continues to ensure that law and order, as well as the protection of life and properties are maintained. Tips mentioned above are for our readers.  There are many different safety measures, and everyone ought to practice what works for them.

CAUTION: Stay alert; make the right decisions and be a law-abiding citizen.
Brought to you by Namibian Police Force Public Relations Division
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2020-12-02  Staff Reporter

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