• April 26th, 2019
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Work on the VTC starts in Khorixas


Clemans Miyanicwe KHORIXAS - The Governor of Kunene Marius Sheya reiterated the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HHP) is working despite what some armchair critics are saying. He said this when he visited the site where the N$700 million Vocational Training Centre (VTC) will be constructed in Khorixas. Earthworks started at the site, in preparation for the constriction of the VTC. Sheya, who is in Khorixas for a three-day working visit that started on Tuesday, visited the site, where more than 100 youths joined him. “Harambee is working and construction of the VTC in Kunene is proof of that. We are happy that youths have joined us in the working session to do earthworks at the construction site,” he said. Sheya added the presence of the youth sends a statement that HHP is well on track and that Kunene Region will own the inclusive concept “and we support it without any hesitation or doubt.” About 50 youths from Kamanjab, Outjo and Fransfontein travelled to the site to join their counterparts from Khorixas as part of the working session, which was initiated by the governor’s office. Sheya said, “ the VTC at Khorixas will be the first higher learning institution in the region and when the project was identified under HHP, I felt we as Kunene residents have to take full ownership of it.” According to him, those who are taking part in the working session want to contribute to nation building and be part of the construction of the VTC were the communities will-educated. “I am happy we are joined by youths from various towns. We are sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the rooms at the Ministry of Youth offices. Nobody from my office claimed travel allowances, neither did we pay Kalux or Gazza to perform here,” Sheya said. During the nighttime, the youths sit around the fire and interact with the governor. Male Artist of the Year, Kalux said he was delighted to be part of the working session as he is from Kunene and that the planned VTC will enable prospective artisans from Kunene to study in Khorixas instead of traveling to Okakarara to study various VTC courses. “Accommodation and transport cost will be cut and VTC will also decrease unemployment in the region as youths will be equipped with skills,” reiterated Kalux. Outjo Constituency Councillor and National Council member Johannes Antsino said Kunene residents do not need a rocket scientist to come and do the work for them. “If we leaders don’t encourage youth to work, then we must wait for others from other countries to come and work for us.” Antsino also said the working session and the construction of VTC project should not be viewed as a Swapo project, but should be seen as a project for the whole Kunene. “This is for Kunene Region. It’s not a Swapo project and it does not need membership cards, therefore those who claim as such must be reminded that this is for all of us,” Antsino blasted. Fillomine Naundjomba, a site agent and engineer for the VTC project said it was a good experience to know that others are willing to assist and that this was one in a million experiences, when communities take ownership and assist in the project. Some local woman who were led by community activist Rebecca !Aebes volunteered to cook food on the fire at the construction site. Ignalia /Naris, 24, who serves as chairperson of Fransfontein youth said the youth from her settlement were part of the working session as they too will enroll at the VTC once it opens. The new VTC is expected to take its first intake in 2020. Once the actual work for construction of VTC begins, Sheya wants to give each constituency councillor a week to work at the construction site with youths from their respective constituencies. Khorixas Constituency Councillor Elias Xoagub, Khorixas Mayor Elizabeth Geises, Damara Punch artist J-Tears, Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Secretary Efraim Nekongo and Hip-Hop artist Kingsley also assisted with the earth works. Representatives from various ministries and traditional authorities were also present.
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2018-07-05 09:19:07 9 months ago

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