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Yes, there’s corruption! ACC not doing much?

WINDHOEK/EENHANA- On the eve of International Anti-Corruption Day next Monday,  Youth Corner’s Sabina Elago and Clemence Tashaya talk to Namibian youths in Windhoek and Eenhana on their understanding of corruption and what they can do to help in its fight. Natangwe Frans Angula (Windhek):  “Corruption is when you get any sort of favours either by bribing or paying them off. Or any kind of corrupt practices either related to jobs, tenders, education or money laundering. Of course there is corruption in Namibia. Almost everyone in Namibia is involved with corruption one way or another. Anti-Corruption commission is the body responsible for fighting corruption. But like in all the other developing nations and the effects colonial regime of the past, it will be a challenge to fight corruption. I don’t think Anti-corruption Commission  is as affective since only the “small fish” are targeted while the “big fish” are allowed to get away. It is difficult to fight corruption since everything is connected to politics but as a youth I will try not to involve myself in corruption of any sort regardless of the circumstances. Not many youths though are able to do this, since high unemployment and poverty is a major problem in Namibia.”   Dirkas Kawana (27) Teacher, Eenhana: “Unfair practice within and among people in Namibian societies.  Corruption is mostly concerned with bribery and it takes several forms.  Although it is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent, it has progressively increased and now rampant in all Namibian societies.  It has affected me personally and our government should monitor these corrupt tendencies in government offices.  Our Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) led by Paulus Noa should be revamped since cases are piling up in their offices without any action. So far the ACC have done nothing to curb corruption.”   Helena Theodor (Windhoek): “Corruption is the abuse of public resources to enrich or give unfair advantage to individuals, their families or friends. According to my own perspective, yes corruption does exist in Namibia. It is seen everywhere either at the grass root or white collar. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), is the governing body in Namibia that aims to arrest the growing trend of corruption. This body is not successful simply because it does not get involved at platforms where things are made, but act later. As a youth I will refrain from any sort of activity that involves corruption.”   Priscilla Kalimbo (24), (Eenhana), hair salon owner:  “The government should put some strict measures and laws that limits corruption in our now rotten Namibian societies.  I have been affected by corruption in many ways.  I applied for a study loan through the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) but have received nothing so far.  But imagine for those with relatives working in the Ministry, they received their loans within two months.  Our government is betraying its own citizens, especially us as youths and future leaders.”   Amon Amuthenu (Windhoek): “Corruption is the dishonest or fraudulent and misuse of entrusted funds and power conducted by those in position of power, typically involving bribery for private gain, theft, fraud, nepotism and abuse of power. Corruption is happening in Namibia, committed by individuals, even though they are not caught. Statistics shows that reported case of corruption are still under investigation, for example SSC and GIPF. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is responsible. ACC successes can be determined by the successful investigations that lead to the arresting of culprits. It is also a threat to those intend to commit corruption. Report any corruption related act to the relevant authority. I will be the eye and ear of fighting corruption . Be on alert and look out of corruption practices.”   Kantene Martin (19), (Eenhana), Grade 12: “ Of course, I have heard about corruption but have never seen and heard of the minister responsible for corruption in Namibia.  Although I have read about Paulus Noa in the newspapers.” Maria Kamati (Windhoek): “I understand it as the abuse of power, public resource to enrich individuals, families and friends. In short, corruption is dishonest. Yes there is corruption in Namibia. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is the body responsible. ACC has done and is still doing up to the best of their ability. That is success on its own. I should not wait to see a zero statistics on corruption in Namibia so I can shout the success of the commission. Rather I would congratulate the ACC. Especially on the issue of GRN vehicles that were being abused. Well, I stay true and honest as a public servant to avoid such. But the fight against corruption requires teamwork. All Namibian youths should stand up, hold hands together and say no to corruption. Report every form of corruption to ACC.”   Frank Griffin (19), Trainee, Eenhana Vocational Training Centre (EVTC): “For sure, I know that corruption is rampant in Namibia but does not see what the government through the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) is doing to curb the increase.  It is something that is not fair and good for the economy.  Even in schools and colleges, we have corrupt leaders.  Very soon, I will be looking for employment and I don’t expect to see Human Resources officials who are corrupt and use nepotism to select their favoured candidates or relatives.  This is corruption at its best at workplaces.”   Eliakim Mutumbulwa (Windhoek): “Corruption is the illegal use of power, money or anything that was suppose to benefit a lot but end up benefiting a number of few selected people and not all. Maybe there is corruption in Namibia and unless it is exposed then we will not know for sure. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is the leading fighting body, I believe. I would say they have been fairly doing OK. As the youth we should expose it where we see corruption and not engage in it, no matters how tempting. It’s a crime and crime does not pay.”     Thomas Ankama (22) (Eenhana): “Something that only favours one’s side and not others.  We don’t want to leave in a corrupt society as happening in the Namibian situation.  A country with a small population but very corrupt.  The government should put tight laws [in place] and the public should also be educated about the negative effects of this disease or cancer called corruption.  Our growing economy is being affected and this will hamper and hinder development since as youths we are waiting for that development to create jobs for us.  The richer are becoming richer because of this disease called Corruption.” Pic: Thomas Ankama   Loth Hamukoto (Windhoek): “ Corruption is any hidden activity done by big corps just to enrich themselves while others suffer. I will say there is 100% corruption in our country, examples are a lot. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is the body in fighting corruption. I thing ACC is weak if I may say or it is sleeping, I don’t see its use, they need to work harder and work for the  nation, because some matters are raised but they do not act accordingly. As youth all we need to do is to report matters and talk as a nation, we need to boycott for corruption not to take place.”     Steven Shihepo (22) (Eenhana):“To me my concern is about tribalism and nepotism as part of corruption.  Other regions should also consider us and this is seriously affecting us when looking for employment.  As Namibian youths, we [are] seriously affected as a result of corruption.  Our towns are not developing because of corruption tendencies by some senior government officials leading us and appointed by the same government. Government is neglecting the less privileged because of corruption.”    Janine Van Rooi (Windhoek): “It is when there is too much unfairness in the country, people don’t agree on one thing. Yes there is corruption in Namibia. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is responsible. I think they are doing nothing because every day there is new cases on corruption. I [am] calling upon the media [to] be part of the Anti- Corruption Commission awareness to make the nation aware of corruption.”    Ompti (27) Musician, Eenhana:  “As an artist here in the region [Ohangwena].  It’s “who you know” when it comes to performance in government and public functions.  Instead of promoting us during these events, they can decide to book or invite an artist from another region.  This has affected me heavily and personally as an upcoming musician.  How are we going to grow and develop as upcoming musicians?  The government should consider decentralisation process so that the youths can benefit from this process not to be done corruptly.  There is corruption in the arts industry also.  People and those officials should be arrested when caught practicing corruption.”    Vivian Ndeutapo (Windhoek): “Corruption is when things are done unfair or not done the way they were supposed to be done. Yes there is too much corruption here. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is not doing anything really because I am not seeing any changes on corruption in Namibia.  As the youth we need to be part of fighting corruption but not becoming corrupt as we are the future leader.”   Phillemon Amalwa (25) (Eenhana): “Yes, I understand corruption very well and I have seen it happening in my own community as well.  I am a victim of corruption.  Other people who have the worst grades even in Grade 10 and 12 are being recruited leaving us with better points roaming the streets.  All is happening because of corruption.  Rather, our government should put measures and address this since it is coming through nepotism and favouritism in many places in Namibia.”   John Namhindo (28), Teacher, Eenhana, “Yes! I understand corruption very well and I have seen it happening especially in schools. As a teacher, this has affected me especially when we apply for senior posts in this region.  If, I happen to belong to this political party, Party Y or X, I will not be considered in the post but the lesser qualified will get it and mostly women.  So, this is corruption at its best in this region.  Most of our youths are unemployed and mostly this is because of corruption and nepotism.  I want to advise our government to eradicate this disease, which has killed otherwise our rich society.  The ACC should pull its socks and work hard to curb corruption.  What are they doing as Namibian corrupt watch dogs?  Rather dissolve the body and appoint others.  So far it’s a toothless organization enriching itself from the tax payer’s money.”   Junius Shinondevapwa (28), Eenhana:  “Corruption is the evil that is hampering development and progress in Namibia.  Remember the TIPEEG programme and where is it now?  Namibia with such a small population of 2, 1 million is not developing because of corrupt leaders and managers in both private and public sectors.  As young business man, we have seen tenders are being awarded to favoured folks although these people have no qualifications to do the work.  We are losing out financially because of corruption.  We appeal for the government to start hiring competent people who can deal with corruption.  These sharks have this attitude of “Let me eat whist l am still here” while practicing corruption.  They tell us “to tighten our belts while they are loosening theirs” because they are eating big time.  The current establishment of our Anti Corruption Commission is a joke.  We have resources but not competent officials.  Rather the ACC should merge with other forces and be part of the police and create a completely new “Corrupt Force” as in the case of “Field Force” among other police units and forces we have in Namibia.”  
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