• June 5th, 2020

You are not a charity, run a business and make money - Vambe

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Anna Vambe from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) has advised artists they are not charity cases, and must run their businesses and make money.

“When you decide to take up these artistic abilities of yours seriously, make sure you don’t run a charity but a business. If you price yourself and your works just so that you cover your cost, then you are a charity. Some people say I don’t want to be rich; I just want to make a living, that’s not enough,” she said.

Vambe was speaking at the Redbull Amaphiko Artist Workshop held in the capital recently; her main focus was on how to turn art into business. “When people win awards, all we see is the glamorous part. We don’t see the hard work, but I am here to tell you to keep up with the hard work,” encouraged Vambe.

She spoke to 16 different invited industry experts, which included Jewelers, sculptors, painters, art promoters, graffiti artists, and many others. She said if one is good at something, they are bound to like it, and vice versa. “And that is what talent should be about:
to take time and turn your talent into a business. We all know of the economic crisis in the country and the world at large. The art industry can contribute to the economy by doing what a person loves,” she explained.

“You have to wake up without feeling guilty and tell yourself it’s ok to make money, as you don’t run a charity organisation,” expressed Vambe.

She said in most cases and Namibia, failing not an option. “Where I come from, I have a family that will catch me when I fall, and failing is an option for me. I know that you don’t have that option sometimes, so you can’t afford to fail; therefore, run a business,” she explained.

She addressed the issue of people quitting their jobs to start businesses. “When you quit your job to start a business, we will be there for you – clap hands for you, but in this climate condition, I don’t advise you do that,” she recommended.

Vambe said those in the art industry are likely to be more equipped for the labour market, compared to others such as economists or accountants. She further cautioned artists to have a clear vision and persevere. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. “Your income is not going to be as stable as in other lines of business. There is a great way to diversify income when you are an artist. If someone has interest in your painting or work at the moment, make sure you have another hand that feeds you,” she advised.

Artists at the end of the workshop felt delighted to have been part of such an awakening gathering, where they gained ideas on how to turn their crafts and talent into profitable businesses.
This was the first-ever workshop that Red bull has held. 

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